ON MY WAY TO WONDERLAND by Obaid ur Rahman

Sanat Initiative Art gallery brought something very unique and new for art fraternity by exhibiting 3d street-art with chalk at their gallery with exhibits from Obaid-ur-Rahman.


Speaking to our correspondent 3D artist Obaid-ur-Rahman informed that this is his first solo exhibition and it’s also first time when 3D street-art with chalk in being exhibited/displayed at any art gallery for which thanked Mr. Amin Merchant from Sanat Initiative Art gallery for appreciating his art-work and giving him an opportunity to exhibit his art here at Sanat.


Obaid-ur-Rahman started painting three years ago on paper, initially all paintings were on paper then he proceeded to paint on hard-boards and then on-wards to walls. After some time all walls were utilized from there on he moved out where the world was waiting for him.


Without any proper training nor degree from any art school meant that he was on his own and with any backing of art school it was very difficult for Obaid-ur-Rahman to get recognized but social media helped. He searched all over internet for 3D Chalk Art and found many artist of his type. One of them was Tracey Leestum from America who became an inspiration for him. Tracey Leestum was amazed with his art-work which was without any proper training, she not only praised his art-work but also encouraged him to move out of box.


Participating in an exhibition in Germany was an amazing experience for him where participation with legends meant a lot, future plans are to participate in exhibitions in USA,  again in Germany and more solo shows here in Karachi.


Mehrunisa V Lub U

From the moment I heard from a friend that Saqib Sameer is responsible the story and content of movie “Mehrunisa V Lub U” my heart sank and I wasn’t expecting much & then trailer came out and my doubts doubled for something miserable.

I have been to theatre plays of Saqib Sameer and these theatre plays were the only reason why I wasn’t expecting much from a movie written by Saqib Sameer. His style of acting, directing, producing and writing suits Lahori audience more as Karachi’s theatre scene has evolved a lot as compared to Lahore. I don’t remember any theatre play from Saqib Sameer with-out eunuchs, I guess he seems to be too fond of them. Saqib is also fond of Indian actors, names of many of them were splattered all around the movie.

Hugging is also not that common or it’s like almost non-existent in our society and this movie had too much of it, which gave a feeling of an Indian movie with Pakistani cast. I wonder why we never ever copy better stuff from India why always pathetic kind of stuff.

Story revolves around a girl named Mehrunia (Sana Jawaid), who has hardly been given a role of substance and besides that she is hardly a good actor but her on-screen beauty covers well for her. Director has done well to focus on her beautiful face, as she is just a pretty face nothing else.


Danish Taimoor and seasoned actors like Nayyer Ijaz & Jawaid Sheikh have done their best to avert a complete disaster, but third class content / dialogues were damaging enough.


Story had too much predictably, vulgar-ness & cheap dialogues but despite all this, the way some important social issues were discussed / highlighted is commendable. Topics like post-marriage issues for girls and then cleanliness were highlighted very positively.

Music seems okay and cinematography varied from excellent to mediocre and below par, whereas most of the dances apart from Amna Ilyas were very ugly; one serious advice for all the directors / producers / choreographers; Please stop showing dance scenes as this current generation of Pakistani actors really don’t know how to dance. If you are adamant on showing dance then either bring-back dancing queens of yesteryears or bring someone from India. Same can be said about fight scenes, there are many good karate clubs in Karachi and in Lahore from where you can easily get a good fight choreographer.

Yasir Nawaz with his direction has done well in bit and pieces, whereas acting skills of Danish Taimoor, Jawaid Shieikh and Nayyar Ijaz did brilliant mostly. Senior actors like Qavi Khan should opt for better roles instead of these filler type roles

Movie ends with a nice and crisp message from Yasir Nawaz whic is worth mentioning here; keep your neighborhood clean, keep your city clean and keep your country clean.

Here comes “Mehrunisa V Lub u”


Release dates of “Mehrunisa V Lub U” were announced yesterday at the press meet held in Karachi which is going to be Eid-ul-Fittar of 2017.


Press meet hosted by Madiha Imam was well attended by large number media personals from social media & print media, celebrities, socialites etc.    


Expectedly this movie “Mehrunisa V Lub U” may do commercially well and can come out as a first Pakistani hit movie of 2017 as I am not expecting much from other Pakistani movies. 

Leading guy Danish Taimoor was asked why he chose “Mehrunisa V Lub U”?, he said: Yasir Nawaz was the main reason and then script from Saqib Sameer was also hard to resist, he further said that he finds himself lucky to be working with Yasir Nawaz, who know his craft very well.

Debutant Sana Javed said that: overall experience was great, it was an excellent team effort and Yasir Nawaz knows what he is doing and that helps a lot and according to Sana Javed she always wanted to act in a film and when she saw the script she instantly said yes. She further said that she considers herself to be lucky to offered form such a big platform on Pakistan film industry in a leading role.

Nida Yasir one of the co-producer also spoke in length about her role in the movie; she mostly focused on dresses mostly collaborated with designers and she made sure that all the actors and actresses looked their best.

Script was written by veteran stage actor Saqib Sameer, who informed that story was from Yasir Nawaz and penned the script accordingly to suit the mood of Pakistani audience. He learned a lot from this project and for him it was like a dream come true and now it’s upto the audience to decide the fate of the movie.

Other co-producer Hasan Zia thanked everyone, especially Gulzaar for writing lyrics for first time for any movie, he also thanked Nigah Hussain for choreography and his old friend Seemab Hussain for composing the music for the movie.

Amna Ilyas said; I wasn’t expecting much from myself but have given my best and let see how masses react to it.

“Mehrunisa V Lub U” will be released in Pakistan and in Middle East during this Eid-ul-Fittar as stated by Nina Kashif from Urdu1 and she said later on it will be released all over the world. Target audience for this movie is from age of 05 onwards till 80 years.

Music didn’t impress me that much even though lyrics are by legendary Gulzaar & music is composed by Seemab Hussain and Choreography by Nigah Hussain.

In the end Yasir Nawaz Director and co-producer of this “Mehrunisa V Lub U” said that he has put his heart and soul in this movie and has tried his best not to repeat the mistakes and errors that occurred during his previous movie “wrong number”, according to him all have worked very hard and was hopeful for same result as of his previous movie. 


Hyundai a famous automotive pioneer recognized all over the world, has now joined hands with Pakistan’s very progressive business group ‘Al-Haj Group’ with the purpose of introducing top-of-the-line heavy commercial vehicles through a technology transfer contract (TTC).

For this purpose Al-Haj has specifically launched their ‘Al-Haj Hyundai (Pvt.) Limited’, which will aim to upgrade the standards of high quality commercial vehicles with Hyundai’s excellent quality and product support and Al-Haj Group’s dedication and name in the Pakistan market since 1960.

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has the potential to facilitate 4% of the global trade volumes to pass through Pakistan by the year 2020. It will accelerate the economic growth of Pakistan and several other countries in the surrounding region, through the development of a 21st century Maritime Silk Road, encompassing a modern trade and infrastructure network.

With the demand of heavy duty vehicles on a sharp rise, Al-Haj Hyundai (Pvt.) Limited will initially introduce;

  1. ‘XCIENT’ a heavy duty truck with different variants,
  2. ‘UNIVERSE’ luxury buses for intercity travel,
  3. ‘MIGHTY’ medium and light duty trucks

Al-Haj Hyundai (Pvt.) Limited also plans to introduce various other products of HYUNDAI in cargo and passenger handling segments in near future.

Chief Executive Officer of Al-Haj Hyundai (Pvt.) Limited, Mr. Bilal Khan Afridi thanked Mr. Muhammad Zubair Umar, Governor of Sindh for his patronage and gracing the event and further thanked Mr. Bae Kyungsik, Chairman of Hyundai Global Motors Co., Limited for attending this event.

He stated that: “This joint venture with Hyundai Motors is a wonderful business opportunity for both the companies, and will not only provide employment opportunities, but will also upgrade the standards of local commercial product segments with advance Technology and High Quality products.” He further said that: “initially Al-Haj Group plans to invest Pk Rs 1.5 billion without any financial assistance from any financial institute or from their foreign partner.” As of today Al-Haj Group stands 04th on the list of passenger vehicles and 02nd on the list of commercial vehicles.

Al-Haj Hyundai (Pvt.) Limited also plans to construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing cum assembling plant, for HYUNDAI-HCV vehicles. For the plant, the company has already purchased 30 acres of land on the main National Highway, near Pakistan Steel. The first phase of the plant will be operational by May 2018.

Mr. Bae Kyungsik, Chairman of Hyundai Global Motors Co., Limited, greeted everyone present at the opening ceremony and paid heartiest congratulations to Al-Haj Hyundai (Pvt.) Limited from Korea for becoming a partner and family of Hyundai. We at Hyundai are convinced that Al-Haj Group has strong leadership, is well organized and well equipped automobile company.

Mr. Bae Kyungsik said; “Pakistan is a big country with large population, well developed industry, hard-working people and we at Hyundai are confident that Pakistan will continue to grow economically, keeping in mind how well Pakistan overcame the difficulties during recent past. All these has proven the superiority and excellence of Pakistan worldwide. I have no doubt that Pakistan will continue to grow and prosper”.

Hyundai operates the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan, South Korea, which has an annual production capacity of 1.6 million units, covering 193 countries.

Mr. Kim Dong-Gi, Consul General of Republic of Korea also thanked Mr. Muhammad Zubair Umar, Governor of Sindh and all high officials from Hyundai Global Motors Co., Limited including Chairman Mr. Bae Kyungsik and President Mr. Hyeong Rae, Lee and hoped for a prosperous Al-Haj Hyundai (Pvt.) Limited.

Mr. Muhammad Zubair Umar, Governor of Sindh congratulated top management of Al-Haj Group at the launch of Hyundai plant and thanked diplomats from Republic of Korea, high official from Hyundai Global Motors Co., Limited and all the participants of the event. He said that Hyundai’s presence is a proof that Karachi is now a place to be. All the stake holders are on-board and worrying time is far and over.

Governor Sindh, stressed that; we are business friendly people and we welcome foreigners with open hearts. He said that the reason why more and more motorways are being built is that we know that more and vehicles would be coming to our country sooner. Pakistan has a very bright and better future.

Later-on Governor Sindh, distributed keys to key customers of Al-Haj Group and then formally unveiled vehicles on display UNIVERSE, ‘XCIENT’ and ‘MIGHTY’ and then was the first person see these vehicles thoroughly.


‘Chai Chowk’ although not a new entrant in Karachi’s latest trend of dhaaba’s has been serving their delicacies for almost 08 months now. With a very humble and soft start ‘Chai Chowk’ is gaining momentum at a quick speed and among many reasons, one is that it’s only of its kind dhabba at peaceful and quite neighbourhood of Nishat Commercial with adequate security.

‘Chai Chowk’ is a brainchild of two young and self-taught entrepreneurs Wali Ahad Qureshi and Yaseen Nini who had been together since their school days. They are eagerly assisted another dear friend Omer Yaseen.

According to Yaseen Nini, this is their first outlet and they plan to expand further by opening outlets in different parts of Defence, Clifton maybe Muhammad Ali Society also, although you don’t get to see green-belts in Clifton and Muhammad Ali Society such luxury is only available here in Defence and concerned authorities here are also co-operative to some extent. According to Mr. Yaseen Nini their main focus on desi and traditional delicacies and desi stuff has great potential.

Wali Ahad Qureshi stressed the need of hygiene all over and informed that ‘Chai Chowk’ is fumigated after every 10 ~ 15 days and repainted alternate months to keep the place neat and clean and as tidy as possible. He further said that they also focus on ambiance and presentation of edible items and raw materials like pizza sauces, olives, mushrooms, jalapenos are sourced from best available brands in the market.

Most sought after items are definitely chai and paratha and with 17 types of Paratha’s on their menu the most popular ones are Tawa Pizza Paratha, Tawa Pepperoni Paratha, Royal Club Sandwich, French Fries with different sauces and mint lemonade. Apart from many hits they also had a fair share of flops Achaari Paratha was launched with much enthusiasm but couldn’t do well, same was the case with Hummos Paratha, Malai Parahta.

Right now Ramzan is just around the corner and both young and energetic entrepreneurs are very much excited about their plans for Ramzan. During Sehri plans are to introduce 7 different types of omelettes, doodh soda, doodh, karrak bun and chaaj etc. For Iftaar traditional items like chats, pakorray, samosay + Nuggets & chicken pops will be introduced along with regular menu. For dinner, plans are to introduce Bar-b-Que.

On concluding note Yaseen Nini said; my message to newcomers to this evolving sector is to work with honesty and work hygienically for fair competition.

Wali Ahad Qureshi on his concluding note said; do take this business very seriously and give it its due time, by giving time you learn a lot and soon your entire setup is in your finger-tips.

Pakistan, Portugal & Italy at International WaterColour Exhibition, Karachi.

FOMMA Trust (Foundation   for Museum of Modern Art) in collaboration with  The Consulate of Italy in Karachi and ArtCiti is pleased to announce  “In WaterColour: An International Exhibition.”

Italy is country in which art and culture, in all their forms are highly regarded and the Consulate of Italy in Karachi is always supportive of all the cultural activities which can bring our peoples together.

This international exhibition on water-colour that we are displaying here in Karachi is on a journey which started in Rome and then Karachi onward to Jamshoro, then Portugal and finally Fabriano again in Italy.

The number of pieces of art and of the artists involved in this exhibition is really impressive and it shows that a technique like water-colour with its long tradition and history is very much contemporary in its ability to capture different moments of life.

This exhibition is important to preserve the memory of this great collective efforts and will also help more and more people to get closer to water-colour paintings in general.

This exhibition is open for general public to wander through the different images because very often journey takes places in our minds.

About FOMMA: Fomma Trust is a non-profit educational and cultural entity in private sector with the aim of promoting the study and intelligent appreciation of art and architecture in its contemporary manifestations as well as in a wider historical context.  FOMMA’s objectives include setting up museums of modern and contemporary art and art libraries in Pakistan.  FOMMA DHA Art Centre (FHAC) is located in a refurbished 19th Century Army Barrack located in the beautifully landscaped Zamzama Park.   The FDAC have over the held successful book launches, exhibitions, art movie nights, collaborative events including ‘Art in the Park’, arts classes for children and talks by imminent artist s and curators.


“Raasta” all the way

Sahir Lodhi’s much awaited and highly anticipated action drama movie ‘Raasta’ was released last week with mixed responses throughout.


Raasta is treat for all Sahir Lodhi’s diehard fans, as it’s all about Sahir Lodhi from being an unemployed youth to rickshaw driver, waiter and then gangster. Best he has done is to get rid of Shahrukh Khan’s tag on him and he look far from being Shahrukh Khan and apart from acting Sahir also directed the movie and had a fair share on story-line, dialogues etc.


The way Sahir Lodhi outshines very brilliant and seasoned actors like Ejaz Aslam, Sana, Shamoon Abbasi and Saleem Mairaj is worth mentioning and although he could have chosen a better heroin, as Abeer Rizvi didn’t have the credentials before this movie and she failed miserably with dialogue delivery and face expressions are meant for ramp walk not acting, at certain scenes she seemed to be inspired by Mahira Khan, Naveed Raza also didn’t impress much with his acting skills. Best scene from the movie was killing of Bhabhi (Sana) by Sherry, Chotta Don (Naveed Raza).


Our music has always been better as compared to our nearest neighbours and same was for Raasta, where music was the best part of the movie. Almost all songs specially “Pee Lay” if marketed properly can be massive hit. Raasta, Dil Faqeer are catchy type numbers songs followed by Mehermaan as romantic number.


To conclude it, this movie is must watch for die-hard Sahir Lodhi fans and for else it’s just good cinematography, mediocre acting, weak direction, weak story and soothing music.


17th TextileAsia exhibition felt more like Chinese trade fair where you get to see too many Pakistani’s also it seemed as it was meant only for few selected machineries like stitching machines, embroidery machines etc of Chinese origin, beside these machines only couple of other machineries were seen at the exhibitions like air-compressors, generators, boilers etc.


All halls had their fair share of stitching machines, embroidery machines and their visitors were mainly families who didn’t seem much interested in machines but they were more interested in finished products.


Language barrier was evident too, with so many Chinese around hardly anyone could speak English or any local language like urdu.


Some of the major participants were also found missing and as for visitors one could hardly see any visitor or participant from Europe or from America, something was feeling as amiss.