Hijrat “Love at wrong place”

Its always nice to see new Pakistani movies and on top of it, its always nicer to see these new movies with new film makers, directors, and new faces on lead roles, but one aspect which has to be taken into consideration is “not everyone can do everything”, to be precise drama makers and directors should concentrate on making dramas and ramp models should concentrate more on their ramp rather then trying to venture elsewhere without much homework.

ACTING: All lead roles Rabia Butt, Asad Zaman, Rubab Ali failed to impress with their acting skills and whereas seniors actors like Nadeem Baig, Jamal Shah, Azra Aftab and Ayub Khouso acted well according to their roles and Ayub Khouso stood out among them.  Ayub Khouso always leaves a lasting impression where-ever we get to see him in acting.

MUSIC: Best part of this movie was it’s music, all songs were very nice to listen to and were shot well. Music was excellent and soothing and thoroughly loved the song “hai sun raha hay khuda” by Sara Raza Khan, Umer Nadeem, although it had an Indian feel to it, and talking about Indian feel, I think this whole movie has an Indian feel it. Songs by Rahat Fateh Ali, Ali Azmat, Sara Raza Khan, Umer Nadeem were all good need to be appreciated.

DIRECTION: Refugee camp is not a nice place to fit-in a love story, and idea of mixing tragic scenes with love scenes didn’t mix well in my mind in simpler words this movie lacked story and had too many loopholes and looked like an Indian movie with Pakistanis.

In any normal Indian movie you will get see flirting at almost any place, its more like seeing mini skirts in Saudi Arabia(which I hope to see soon in an Indian movie).

Common use of words like “I love you“, “mohabbat“, “payar “, mar-sakkta hoon” are not common in our part of divide and these type of words remind me of Indian movies.

In our part of divide you will never get to see a guy saying “love you” sort of stuff so casually and that so at a refugee camp, most of the refugee camps in Pakistan have pathans and afghans and we all know what their culture is.

Too much crying by the hero also didn’t go well with me and my friends and its seems that he never wanted to miss a chance to cry and it felt very pathetic.

SUPPORTING FACTORI love supporting new Pakistani movies but movies like Hijrat should be avoided, I wouldn’t want to be too harsh but drama makers they should concentrate on making good dramas, drama actors should focus on drama rather trying out news things not everyone can be Fawad Afzal or Mahira Khan.


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