01st HUM Style Awards

As usual for these kind of shows, nothing started on time, we were informed that each and every aspect of the show will be done very professionally and this show will be different from other shows, but once we reached their at around 08:00 pm hardly few people were at Red Carpet.


Invitation card said red carpet at 07:00pm and show time 09:00pm. Well I have no idea when the red carpet started, but show started at 10:50pm and finished at around 02:20am.


High Points

  • Management: Organizer were true to their word that this show will be different, this surely was one of the best managed show I have been to, since 02nd TMA (The Music Awards), red carpet was very well managed and stage management was better than the last few shows I had been to. Overall  1st Q-Mobile Hum Style Awards had a feel good effect to it and it didn’t linger on like other shows. It was a very well managed show. Good management, good work HUM TV.
  • Music: was the best part of 01st Hum Style Awards, songs selections were excellent and icing on the cake was that all of them were Pakistani.
  • Live performances: by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Zafar were excellent and these two performances saved an almost sinking ship. I was about to doze-off when Rahat was announced.
  • Indian Songs: Finally we get see a show where there were no Indian songs in back-ground and credit should go to PEMRA rather than HUM TV


Low Points

  • National Anthem 01st Hum Style Awards 2016 should have stated off with National Anthem, almost everyone was willingly saying the word Pakistan Zindabad but anthem was missing. Show Director Nida Butt should be knowing better why it was skipped.
  • Content: content/script weren’t impressive at all, needs to be improved. HUM TV could have hired famous writer for their 01st Hum Style Awards. I hope they do hire someone who can write skits for these kind of shows.
  • Hosts: With the exception of Adnan Malik who had an aura and had elegance to host such a big show, he had complete command on what he was doing whereas other three hosts were disappointing.
  • Dances weren’t that good, Pakistani’s can’t dance that’s a sure shot, with just one exception i.e. Sohai Ali Abro who knew how to dance.
  • Content wasn’t that good either.
  • Advertising was simply too much, I remember hearing the words “Presented by Q-Mobile, Powered by Nishat Linen and refreshed by Nestle Fruta Vitals” more than 150 times. This was ridiculous
  • Missing Persons: some of the most stylish personals in the show business industry like Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam, Shan Shahid and Nabila were found missing, I wonder what kept them away from this show.
  • Indian Factor: Although no Indians were present but too much emphasizing on Indians wasn’t very sweet to listen to. Hosts were too indianized, this pissed off Sanam Saeed who left after those weird questions that were asked.
  • Public Relations: Public Relations of an event of such magnitude were handled by a very outdated PR firm and people at helm of affairs had no idea how to deal with online publications, they were only interested know if you were from any print publication.
  • Dancers from Dubai: Looked very odd, their faces didnt synchornize with local faces and local celebrities.



Ahmed Ali Akbar: among all four hosts for the evening Ahmed Ali Akbar was the one who disappointed the most, he simply lacks the required charisma for hosting such big events.

Ayesha Omer: other host for first half Ayesha Omer was very ordinary with her performance as host and neither was she dress up very exceptionally.

Adnan Malik: Best host of the evening, he carried weight of show on his shoulders with lots of confidence and never seemed to be short on any side. He has the aura, charisma to host shows like these.

Amna Haq: although Amna Haq is a brilliant actor, but she disappointed too with her hosting skills and her commentary was worst performance of the evening, closely followed by Hasan Sheharyar Yasin’s dance performance.



Opening act: Opening act by Ahmed Ali Akbar, Meesha Shafi & Umair Jaswal was utter disgrace and left a bad taste for a while. Only Jaswal’s powerful vocals tried to save this act from complete disaster, but something better could have been produced.

Dance performance: Saba Qamar is just a pretty and is not good at dancing at all and other half of this performance Zahid Ahmed doesn’t needs any mention.

Comedy Performance: One of the better performance of the evening was by Zahid Ali-T all the way from Toronto, Canada. He shared his experiences in Pakistan and also did comedy skits.

Singing performance: star performer of the night was Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who sang out his heart and certainly saved a sinking ship, his performance was one of few positive points of the evening.

Dance performance: King of couture Hasan Sheharyar Yasin should also learn a few things about dancing and other half of the performance Sonya Hussain very very disappointing.

Singing performance; also another star performance of the night was by Ali Zafar along with his band-mates like Asad Ahmed. His performance was one of few positive points of the evening.

Dance performance: Ali Zafar is not good at dancing whereas Sohai Ali Abro was the best dancer of the evening. She knew what she was doing.

Closing act: Closing act as pathetic as was the opening act and needs not further mention.



Awards were given to Shahzad Noor as male model of the year by Hasan Sheharyar Yasin and Mawra Hocane and female model of the year was given to Amna Babar by Imad Irfani and Naveen Waqar.


Hannan Siddiqui got the best hair stylist & make-up artist by Tariq Amin and Nadya Hussain.


Tappu Javairi and Shehla Chatoor presented Shahbaz Shaazi best photographer award and then best fashion publications went to Diva and way given away by Zeba Bakhtiar.


CFO of Q-Mobiles Mr. Babar Sultan gave away the rising star award to Ashna Khan, and Noor Hasan and Sunita Marhsal came over to present best anchor award to Hasan Sheharyar Yasin who said nothing is impossible.


Most stylish male performer was awarded to Ali Zafar which wasn’t digestible, with people like Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam, Shan Shahid and many more around I am still wondering how could Ali Zafar end up with this award and same was the case with most stylish female performer, which was awarded to Meesha Shafi.


Nabila didn’t bother to come to show and her video message said that she didn’t need any more awards and she now leaves this field open for upcoming youngsters.


Bunto Kazmi was given Excellence award by Mrs. Sultana Siddiqui and Mr. Duraid Qureshi and Mrs. Naz Mansha got Recognition award. Sultana Siddiqui said that hinted that about an upcoming film festival that they are planning for.


Most stylish presenters of the evening Mr. and Mrs. Waseem Akram came to present most stylish sports personality award to Shahid Afridi which was one of the few awards that I would agree upon. If there would have an award of most stylish couple, definitely Mr. and Mrs. Waseem Akram would have bagged it.


Best designer for Lawn was for Elan given away by Mr. Hasan Ali Media Manager Nestle Pakistan, best designer for Luxury Couture went Shahla Chatoor’s way, presented to her by Feroz Khan and Mansha Pasha.


Best retail brand for Apparel was given away by Mr. and Mrs. Amir Adnan to Sapphire and best retail brand for accessories / jewelry was given to Amber Sami by Munib Nawaz and Momal Sheikh who mis-spelled the name three times.

Designer of year for menwear was presented by Imran Abbas and Sarwat Gillani to Republic by Omer Farooq and Abdullah Haris.

Designer of the year for bridals given away by Shazad Raza and Bunto Kazmi was given to Faraz Mannan who was not present and sister received award on his behalf.

Style Icon went to Wasim Akram who thoroughly deserved it, and then Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Umer were invited to give away most stylish actor for television to Hamza Ali Abbasi, who spoke about Kashimiris and their struggle, next-in were Humayoon Saeed and Mrs. Naz Mansha to present most stylish actress for television to Syra Shehroze.


Lastly most stylish actor for films was given to Humayoon Saeed by Vaneeza Ahmed and Hamza Ali Abbasi. Vaneeza was seen after a long long time and said a few things about fashion and style, grand finale for the evening was award for most stylish actress for films to very much expected Mahira Khan who emotionally thanked Asim, Humayoon, Sultana Apa, Feeha Jamshaid and her hair stylist for keeping her the way she is.

That ended 03 and half hours of entertainment with equally pathetic closing song by Ahmed Ali Akbar and then a grand selfie.

Nice try by HUM TV to enter stylish market, but they have to go a long long way before they can come anywhere near the other style awards

QHSA16 #QmobileHumStyleAwards


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