“Interior Designs of Pakistan” by Maria Aslam launched by Pakistan Institute of Interior Designers.

Maria Aslam’s book on interior designs named as “Interior Designs of Pakistan Volume 01” was launched by Pakistan Institute of Interior Designer at Indus Valley School of Arts and Archtecture. 

This event was attended by gaints of Pakistans interior design industry, celebrities, socialites, students and media  members from digital, print and electronic side.

A look at the varied body of work by both senior and junior interior designers and architects of Pakistan, with brilliant composition by Arshad Faruqui, it was no wonder that the book elicited great interest within the architect and and interior designer fraternity.

Guest were treated to talks by senior members of interior design industry who spoke in length about growth and evolution of interior designs and architecture in Pakistan and praised the work done by Maria Aslam in her debut book. 

Danish Zuby one of the senior most  interior designer of Pakistan, highlighted the evolution of and growth of interior design and architecture in Pakistan and praised the work done by Maria Aslam in her debut book.

Shahid Abdullah who forms one half of the architectural practice by the name of Arshad Shahid Abdullah with his brother, spoke at length about the book and the birth place of architecture in post-partition Pakistan. 

Naheed Mashooqullah addressed the guests and talked about design philosophy and how architects of yesteryears affect the designs of today, and the role of book would play for future designers.

Last but not least, Maria Aslam the creative force behind the book Interior Designs of Pakistan Volume 01 took to the stage and elaborated on her inspiration and hard work that went into creating the book.

She also explained the fact that the book is ideal not just for interior designers but also for anyone with even a casual interest in architecture and interior designs. Talks by the author and the senior architects and senior interior designers were illuminating and kept the audience captive.

The evening concluded with the book signing by author where subject of conversation ranged from architecture to design philosophies to future of this industry. 

All in all the evening was a classy and intellectual affair and certainly engaged the interest of all the attendees. 


Lahore Se Aagey


Lahore Se Aagey, yet another indianized type movie to start off with, don’t know why our producers and directors love to copy or follow Indian pattern of movies, if they are so adamant to copy then I would suggest that Hollywood can be a better option to copy / follow rather than Bollywood’s style. By copying Bollywood, end product would be a second grade product, because Bollywood copies Hollywood and we copy Bollywood.


As being the sequel of ‘Karachi se Lahore‘, I wasn’t expecting much from ‘Lahore Se Aagey’, weak story,  direction-less direction and weak acting by some actors were overshadowed excellent acting from Yasir Hussain, beauty of Saba Qamar and excellent music (specially AIMA BAIG).


For me ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ had three main positive points which saved it from complete collapse and theses are;


  1. Yasir Hussain’s acting: I have been closely following this guy since I saw him on theatre, acting for Anwar Maqsood’s plays and since then I have a fan of this guy. Your acting skills have simply saved this movie from complete disaster, although you could have written somewhat better then what you wrote.


  1. Saba Qamar’s Beauty: Another positive point of this movie is Saba Qamar’s stunning and striking beauty; she was a treat to look at too. Couldn’t look away from screen when she was on-screen. Although at certain points her acting wasn’t that good, but her beautiful face didn’t allow me to focus much on


  1. Music: We (Pakistani’s) are really good at producing good music and it’s our music that has always made me proud and even flop movies like Hijrat and ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay’ had excellent music and excellent songs.


Here music director Shiraz Uppal has done a great job, even-though some of the songs don’t have that level of lyrics but even-then songs are great and are picturized in great way too. Biggest sensation of the movie is definitely Aima Baig, with naturally gifted singing skills; her vocal chords are way too powerful and over-shadows most of female singers around. I feel some real and strong competition coming up for Meesha Shafi and Zoe Viccaji. Ehle-Dil was best sung song with not that good lyrics, and Aashir Wajahat also sang his song quite well. Medley of evergreen Pakistani songs of 90’s were great too.


Now about acting, apart from Yasir Hussain and somewhat Saba Qamar all actors looked very mediocre, veteran and seasoned actors like Rubina Ashraf, Behroze Sabwari and Atiqa Odho should opt better roles rather than these filler type roles. Actors with such credentials should go for pillar type roles rather filler type roles. Behroze Sabwari did well, but Rubina Ashraf wasted herself.


Like Yasir Hussain, Abdullah Farhatullah also comes with a theatre background but he failed to impress and for Omer Sultan I am still trying to find exact words to write about his acting, I haven’t seen some trying to copy Amitab bachan as bad Omer Sultan has done in this movie.


Cameo performance by Ali Zafar was best and went well with the flow of the movie whereas Frieha Altaf’s cameo performance was worst one of the movie. Aashir also did well his act.


Story was way too predictable and some of the scenes like accident scene where Saba’s car hits Yasir, car break-down due to fuel shortage, then finding tribal people in middle of no-where and then dances were very very predictable, you get to see these type of scenes in almost every other Indian movie. .


In the end, biggest plus point of this movie is Aima Baig, her vocals over shadow each and every aspect of ‘Lahore Se Aagey’.