Tarzan comes to Karachi.

Fiction is coming to reality soon, when you will experience, the courageous, intelligent, loyal and a powerful character of the jungle. An incredible adaptation of the timeless Tarzan is going to grace the stage. Through a fusion between entertainment, adventure and values this play will cater to kids and bring them closer to nature.


Brought to you Shahzad Qureshi, who has been associated with Apna Karachi FM107 for a decade, believes in bringing about social change through media. His prior productions include Umro Ayyar, Sheikh Chilli, Run for your wife, It runs in the family,  La Cage Aux Folles, Lovengers and 0092.


Written by Unaiza Ali and directed by well-known theatre actor Rauf Afridi, both did well to keep the audience (mostly kids) widely awake during an hour’s performance by brilliant actors. Mostly I have seen kids sleepy or drowsy during theatres but here at Tarzan this was not the case.


Theatre activities are seen on a rise for last couple of years and last month’s theatre festival was one the best thing that could have happened to our very infant theatre industry, but even that excellent theatre lacked plays for kids and this gap was filled by Peedia Entertainment by bringing in Tarzan which was written well enough and directed even better.


Peedia Entertainment brought Tarzan to Karachi at very odd time i.e. during winter times when most of the kids present at the theatre were wearing double layers of clothing and were looking at Tarzan running around wearing just a loincloth, which is considered as a traditional piece of cloth for Tarzans all around the world.


Now coming to acting, star of night for me was Hammad Khan acting as Jinn, and he really did justice to role as an actor, and they way to interacted with kids in the audience was brilliant too. Haris Khan also did well with his role as Tarzan followed closely Najma Kifayat as Gudd-guddi Jadugarni.


Roles of Syed Ahmer Hussain as Modi Sardar, Faryal Memon as Jane and Saddam Hussain as reporter could have been improved with some better acting.


Overall it was a pleasant experience viewing Tarzan and if you view it from kid’s perspective then everything was top-notch from stage ambiance, sounds of animals, brilliant acting and actors interacting with kids, story line and direction.


Conclusion would be that in every story of Good versus evil, it’s always Good that comes up as victorious.


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