“Raasta” all the way

Sahir Lodhi’s much awaited and highly anticipated action drama movie ‘Raasta’ was released last week with mixed responses throughout.


Raasta is treat for all Sahir Lodhi’s diehard fans, as it’s all about Sahir Lodhi from being an unemployed youth to rickshaw driver, waiter and then gangster. Best he has done is to get rid of Shahrukh Khan’s tag on him and he look far from being Shahrukh Khan and apart from acting Sahir also directed the movie and had a fair share on story-line, dialogues etc.


The way Sahir Lodhi outshines very brilliant and seasoned actors like Ejaz Aslam, Sana, Shamoon Abbasi and Saleem Mairaj is worth mentioning and although he could have chosen a better heroin, as Abeer Rizvi didn’t have the credentials before this movie and she failed miserably with dialogue delivery and face expressions are meant for ramp walk not acting, at certain scenes she seemed to be inspired by Mahira Khan, Naveed Raza also didn’t impress much with his acting skills. Best scene from the movie was killing of Bhabhi (Sana) by Sherry, Chotta Don (Naveed Raza).


Our music has always been better as compared to our nearest neighbours and same was for Raasta, where music was the best part of the movie. Almost all songs specially “Pee Lay” if marketed properly can be massive hit. Raasta, Dil Faqeer are catchy type numbers songs followed by Mehermaan as romantic number.


To conclude it, this movie is must watch for die-hard Sahir Lodhi fans and for else it’s just good cinematography, mediocre acting, weak direction, weak story and soothing music.


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