Pakistan, Portugal & Italy at International WaterColour Exhibition, Karachi.

FOMMA Trust (Foundation   for Museum of Modern Art) in collaboration with  The Consulate of Italy in Karachi and ArtCiti is pleased to announce  “In WaterColour: An International Exhibition.”

Italy is country in which art and culture, in all their forms are highly regarded and the Consulate of Italy in Karachi is always supportive of all the cultural activities which can bring our peoples together.

This international exhibition on water-colour that we are displaying here in Karachi is on a journey which started in Rome and then Karachi onward to Jamshoro, then Portugal and finally Fabriano again in Italy.

The number of pieces of art and of the artists involved in this exhibition is really impressive and it shows that a technique like water-colour with its long tradition and history is very much contemporary in its ability to capture different moments of life.

This exhibition is important to preserve the memory of this great collective efforts and will also help more and more people to get closer to water-colour paintings in general.

This exhibition is open for general public to wander through the different images because very often journey takes places in our minds.

About FOMMA: Fomma Trust is a non-profit educational and cultural entity in private sector with the aim of promoting the study and intelligent appreciation of art and architecture in its contemporary manifestations as well as in a wider historical context.  FOMMA’s objectives include setting up museums of modern and contemporary art and art libraries in Pakistan.  FOMMA DHA Art Centre (FHAC) is located in a refurbished 19th Century Army Barrack located in the beautifully landscaped Zamzama Park.   The FDAC have over the held successful book launches, exhibitions, art movie nights, collaborative events including ‘Art in the Park’, arts classes for children and talks by imminent artist s and curators.



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