‘Chai Chowk’ although not a new entrant in Karachi’s latest trend of dhaaba’s has been serving their delicacies for almost 08 months now. With a very humble and soft start ‘Chai Chowk’ is gaining momentum at a quick speed and among many reasons, one is that it’s only of its kind dhabba at peaceful and quite neighbourhood of Nishat Commercial with adequate security.

‘Chai Chowk’ is a brainchild of two young and self-taught entrepreneurs Wali Ahad Qureshi and Yaseen Nini who had been together since their school days. They are eagerly assisted another dear friend Omer Yaseen.

According to Yaseen Nini, this is their first outlet and they plan to expand further by opening outlets in different parts of Defence, Clifton maybe Muhammad Ali Society also, although you don’t get to see green-belts in Clifton and Muhammad Ali Society such luxury is only available here in Defence and concerned authorities here are also co-operative to some extent. According to Mr. Yaseen Nini their main focus on desi and traditional delicacies and desi stuff has great potential.

Wali Ahad Qureshi stressed the need of hygiene all over and informed that ‘Chai Chowk’ is fumigated after every 10 ~ 15 days and repainted alternate months to keep the place neat and clean and as tidy as possible. He further said that they also focus on ambiance and presentation of edible items and raw materials like pizza sauces, olives, mushrooms, jalapenos are sourced from best available brands in the market.

Most sought after items are definitely chai and paratha and with 17 types of Paratha’s on their menu the most popular ones are Tawa Pizza Paratha, Tawa Pepperoni Paratha, Royal Club Sandwich, French Fries with different sauces and mint lemonade. Apart from many hits they also had a fair share of flops Achaari Paratha was launched with much enthusiasm but couldn’t do well, same was the case with Hummos Paratha, Malai Parahta.

Right now Ramzan is just around the corner and both young and energetic entrepreneurs are very much excited about their plans for Ramzan. During Sehri plans are to introduce 7 different types of omelettes, doodh soda, doodh, karrak bun and chaaj etc. For Iftaar traditional items like chats, pakorray, samosay + Nuggets & chicken pops will be introduced along with regular menu. For dinner, plans are to introduce Bar-b-Que.

On concluding note Yaseen Nini said; my message to newcomers to this evolving sector is to work with honesty and work hygienically for fair competition.

Wali Ahad Qureshi on his concluding note said; do take this business very seriously and give it its due time, by giving time you learn a lot and soon your entire setup is in your finger-tips.


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