Here comes “Mehrunisa V Lub u”


Release dates of “Mehrunisa V Lub U” were announced yesterday at the press meet held in Karachi which is going to be Eid-ul-Fittar of 2017.


Press meet hosted by Madiha Imam was well attended by large number media personals from social media & print media, celebrities, socialites etc.    


Expectedly this movie “Mehrunisa V Lub U” may do commercially well and can come out as a first Pakistani hit movie of 2017 as I am not expecting much from other Pakistani movies. 

Leading guy Danish Taimoor was asked why he chose “Mehrunisa V Lub U”?, he said: Yasir Nawaz was the main reason and then script from Saqib Sameer was also hard to resist, he further said that he finds himself lucky to be working with Yasir Nawaz, who know his craft very well.

Debutant Sana Javed said that: overall experience was great, it was an excellent team effort and Yasir Nawaz knows what he is doing and that helps a lot and according to Sana Javed she always wanted to act in a film and when she saw the script she instantly said yes. She further said that she considers herself to be lucky to offered form such a big platform on Pakistan film industry in a leading role.

Nida Yasir one of the co-producer also spoke in length about her role in the movie; she mostly focused on dresses mostly collaborated with designers and she made sure that all the actors and actresses looked their best.

Script was written by veteran stage actor Saqib Sameer, who informed that story was from Yasir Nawaz and penned the script accordingly to suit the mood of Pakistani audience. He learned a lot from this project and for him it was like a dream come true and now it’s upto the audience to decide the fate of the movie.

Other co-producer Hasan Zia thanked everyone, especially Gulzaar for writing lyrics for first time for any movie, he also thanked Nigah Hussain for choreography and his old friend Seemab Hussain for composing the music for the movie.

Amna Ilyas said; I wasn’t expecting much from myself but have given my best and let see how masses react to it.

“Mehrunisa V Lub U” will be released in Pakistan and in Middle East during this Eid-ul-Fittar as stated by Nina Kashif from Urdu1 and she said later on it will be released all over the world. Target audience for this movie is from age of 05 onwards till 80 years.

Music didn’t impress me that much even though lyrics are by legendary Gulzaar & music is composed by Seemab Hussain and Choreography by Nigah Hussain.

In the end Yasir Nawaz Director and co-producer of this “Mehrunisa V Lub U” said that he has put his heart and soul in this movie and has tried his best not to repeat the mistakes and errors that occurred during his previous movie “wrong number”, according to him all have worked very hard and was hopeful for same result as of his previous movie. 


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