Mehrunisa V Lub U

From the moment I heard from a friend that Saqib Sameer is responsible the story and content of movie “Mehrunisa V Lub U” my heart sank and I wasn’t expecting much & then trailer came out and my doubts doubled for something miserable.

I have been to theatre plays of Saqib Sameer and these theatre plays were the only reason why I wasn’t expecting much from a movie written by Saqib Sameer. His style of acting, directing, producing and writing suits Lahori audience more as Karachi’s theatre scene has evolved a lot as compared to Lahore. I don’t remember any theatre play from Saqib Sameer with-out eunuchs, I guess he seems to be too fond of them. Saqib is also fond of Indian actors, names of many of them were splattered all around the movie.

Hugging is also not that common or it’s like almost non-existent in our society and this movie had too much of it, which gave a feeling of an Indian movie with Pakistani cast. I wonder why we never ever copy better stuff from India why always pathetic kind of stuff.

Story revolves around a girl named Mehrunia (Sana Jawaid), who has hardly been given a role of substance and besides that she is hardly a good actor but her on-screen beauty covers well for her. Director has done well to focus on her beautiful face, as she is just a pretty face nothing else.


Danish Taimoor and seasoned actors like Nayyer Ijaz & Jawaid Sheikh have done their best to avert a complete disaster, but third class content / dialogues were damaging enough.


Story had too much predictably, vulgar-ness & cheap dialogues but despite all this, the way some important social issues were discussed / highlighted is commendable. Topics like post-marriage issues for girls and then cleanliness were highlighted very positively.

Music seems okay and cinematography varied from excellent to mediocre and below par, whereas most of the dances apart from Amna Ilyas were very ugly; one serious advice for all the directors / producers / choreographers; Please stop showing dance scenes as this current generation of Pakistani actors really don’t know how to dance. If you are adamant on showing dance then either bring-back dancing queens of yesteryears or bring someone from India. Same can be said about fight scenes, there are many good karate clubs in Karachi and in Lahore from where you can easily get a good fight choreographer.

Yasir Nawaz with his direction has done well in bit and pieces, whereas acting skills of Danish Taimoor, Jawaid Shieikh and Nayyar Ijaz did brilliant mostly. Senior actors like Qavi Khan should opt for better roles instead of these filler type roles

Movie ends with a nice and crisp message from Yasir Nawaz whic is worth mentioning here; keep your neighborhood clean, keep your city clean and keep your country clean.


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