Sarfraz Ahmed gets the all-new BMW X1

Dewan motors and JS Bank take immense pleasure in presenting all-new BMW X1, sports activity vehicle to our national hero Mr. Sarfraz Ahmed, captain of Pakistan’s Cricket Team.

On behalf of our chairman, Dewan Yousuf Farooqui, and our chief executive officer, Ms Nabiha Dewan Yousuf; Dewan Motors is pleased to present the all-new BMW X1, sport activity vehicle (SAV) to our national hero, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team” said Mr. Kashif Riaz, Director Operations at Dewan Motors.

“It is under Sarfraz Ahmed’s brave and visionary leadership that Pakistan won its third major ICC tournament. He not only let from the front, but inspired every single team member to raise their level to invincible heights. “Joy” is the core brand value of BMW and Sarfraz Ahmed has filled our entire nation with “Joy” and we are sure that this BMW X1 will bring joy to Sarfraz Ahmed and his family”, added Mr. Kashif Riaz.

Present at the ceremony, both Dewan Motors’ and JS Bank’s management jointly handed over the keys of the brand-new BMW X1 sDrive18i to the wining captain at Dewan Motors sales office in Karachi.

“Sarfraz Ahmed is an exceptional cricketer and a tremendous inspiration for the whole nation. His leadership and performance throughout the Champions Trophy will last forever in our minds. The way he led our young cricket team in such a pressure tournament was remarkable. We hope that he continues to serve Pakistan and inspires our youth for years to come”, said Mr. Kamran Jafar, Group Head – Corporate & Retail Banking at JS Bank.

“Sales of BMW X1 is doing well and approximately 400 units of BMW X1 were sold since its launch here in Pakistan and furthermore selling BMW vehicles is an immense pride and brings about lots of joy. BMW X1 is an entry level sports vehicle also referred as ‘sport activity vehicle” SAV, and collaboration with JS Bank has also improved sales of BMW X1 and other BMW vehicles. Dewan Motors currently has five sales and after-sales facilities in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and in near future Faisalabad will also feature the list of cities where Dewan Motors would be present”, said Ms. Saba Hoor Head of Sales & Marketing at Dewan Motors.



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