Four reasons why you should write everyday.

You should be writing at least 250 words every day, come what may and here are four (04) reasons why should be writing every day.

  1. Knowledge: If you write consistently, it will be on a topic that you know, typically your work or passion. But writing will force you to research ideas, concepts and information about your subject that you may not have bothered with before. You will notice that your original level of knowledge of your subject before writing was sub 2% and consistently writing will scale it 5 to 50 times.
  2. Clarity: Most authors write for themselves or maybe they realise that after years. Writing is a meditation. It brings the writer more clarity than the reader. It’s the best way to help yourself .
  3. Connectivity: If you write bite sized, snacks content, you will begin to attract zillions of readers, most of whom you will have never met otherwise. To make more and more “contacts”, write. No social events like parties, games, conferences come near.
  4. Contribution: As you age, your ability to go out of your way to help people will diminish but your some skills will not diminish. Your gift of knowledge is the most sacred element you have within yourself and that why you remember most of your school teachers so fondly today. Your pen or your keyboard or maybe your smartphone can make you immortal, if you have write every day.

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  1. Mustafa says:

    Totally agree great blog Kamran bhai


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