Punjab-Nahi-Jaun-Gi (review)

Story of “Punjab Nahi Jaun Gi” is based on typical story of male chauvinist who happens to be filthy rich to get away with almost anything. The story seems to be inspired by many Pakistani movies of 90’s era, where the hero gets his way all through the movie till the end.

Here hero Fawad Khagga has all the elements that a 90’s hero of our movies use to boast like being rich, riding high on horses/muscle cars, being macho, arrogant, forcing his love and finally heroine giving in to his ways, so start off with there is nothing new in the story, same old story with a (doubtful) happy ending.IMG_2490

Director of the movie Nadeem Beyg did splendid job with not a single dull moment throughout the entire movie and that coupled with some of the best cinematography of this year will be the real treat for cine-goers.

As for acting Humayoon Saeed leads with power packed performance and literally fits-well in to his character Fawad Khagga. Humayoon Saeed seems to be improving by every passing day and his role as Fawad Khagga is by far Humayoon’s best on-screen performance closely followed by his role as Irtaza in Bin Roye.

Mehwish Hayat looks exceptionally beautiful and with her excellent and stunning performance, she can be described as beauty with talent. Senior actors like Sohail Ahmed, Saba Hameed, Waseem Abbas did well with their roles. Whereas Urwa Hocane, Azfar Rehman and Ahmed Butt need to do more on their acting skills. Very senior actor like behroze Sabzwari should have avoid doing this type of roles with hardly two or maybe three dialogues.


Music was also on the better side, apart from ‘raat ka nasha’, rest all songs were very soulful and had a melodious feel to them and fitted well into movie. Dance sequences were choreographed well, especially ‘24 7 lak hilna’ was choreographed very well.

Overall I would rate this movie 4/5 as it has all elements like big names, decent direction, typical punjabi story, romance, action, suspense, music and dances to make it a success with masses.


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