Pepsi Battle of the Bands, Season Two – Elimination Round

Elimination round of Pepsi Battle of the Bands 2017 was full of surprises, ill-fated and bad-decisions from the judges. It seemed strange why all three judges were agreeing and dis-agreeing together on every performance. A certain disliked by one judge was disliked by others too and vice versa.   


21 bands were short listed for elimination round out of which initially only 06 were to proceed further, but due to immense amount of talent available judges requested for addition 04 bands to proceed further totalling to 10 bands proceeding. Finally all agreed on 08 bands moving forward and 13 bands facing elimination.  

Decision to choose Badnaam over Naksh and V-Sell was decent one, whereas preferring Roots over E-Sharp and OB Positive wasn’t easily digestible.


Eliminating Khamaaj was the worst the judges could do, lead vocalist of Khamaaj was by far the best find of this year’s Pepsi Battle of the Bands and I am sure that his vocal chords are more powerful than both male judges Farooq and Fawad and his vocal tone and singing style is also extra ordinary. Don’t know if both male judges were afraid to choose someone better themselves. Kashmir was a decent selection.   

Disqualification of Positive was another blunder by judges, even Pindi Boys didn’t show up with all band members but they weren’t asked a single question then why did they ask a very silly question ending up in dis-qualification.  

Choosing Madlock over Sikandar ka mandar and The Grovers; The Quetta Boys was very okay as Madlock had that flare to go ahead, but choosing very mediocre band Aura and highly over-rated Jasim & The Pindi Boys left a bad taste

Choosing Shajr over Ehl-e-Rock was another pathetic decision, whereas Darvesh deserved to proceed.

Overall after watching this elimination round I have serious doubts about the abilities of judges to choose better outfits.

This round ended by a performance by Aaroh with Farooq on vocals who is only good giving recording performance and his live performance is a bit below average and I am sure bands like Khamaaj and Kashmir can perform better than Aaroh.


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