Na Maloom Afraad 2

“Na Maloom Afraad 2” being a sequel of 2014’s comedy thriller Pakistani movie “Na Maloom Afraad” had very high expectations which weren’t fulfilled.  From a tragic prologue to a very predictable epilogue “Na Maloom Afraad 2” co-written and directed by young, energetic and very talented Nabeel Qureshi had its highs and lows.

Story-line was predictable and that too coupled with over-flow of sponsors was very disgusting too. Cinematography was eye catching and selection of locations were good too, as most of the movie was shot in in Cape Town, South Africa I was expecting even more quality.

Na Maloom Afraad 02, 06

Best part of “Na Maloom Afraad 2” was some excellent acting by Fahad Mustafa, Jawaid Sheikh, Mohsin Abbas, Nayyar Ijaz & Saleem Mairaj. None of the female actors seemed impressive enough with Hania Amir being pretty mediocre and over-doing, whereas Urwa Hocane and Marina Khan’s roles were easily forgotten once the movie ended.

Na Maloom Afraad 02, 08

Biggest positive point of “Na Maloom Afraad 2” was not Nabeel Qureshi nor Fizza Ali, but Fahad Mustafa who has now proved himself to be the biggest thing in Pakistani movie circuit. I personally think that Fahad Mustafa is now the highest-rated male actor in Pakistani movie circuit, during last couple of years he has done better than most of his competitors like Shaan Shahid, Humayoon Saeed and even Fawad Khan. His screen appearance, his acting skills, facial expressions, body language and his dialogue deliveries can easily be compared with any top rated actor across the border. We can now proudly say that we have a hero material who has proved himself without crossing any borders. Fahad Mustafa’s performance in Actor-in-Law and now in this “Na Maloom Afraad 2” has raised the bar to a level where it won’t be easy ride for others.

Na Maloom Afraad 02, 05

Another actor who stood out with acting skills was Saleem Mairaj, who is turning out to a cult favourite among the crowd. The way he portrayed himself as a typical Karachi gangster in a foreign country, especially South Africa was truly commendable.

Na Maloom Afraad 02, 07

Veterans Jawaid Sheikh and Nayyar Ijaz were good as usual and occasionally Nayyar Ijaz stole the limelight from leading stars

Na Maloom Afraad 02, 03

“Na maloom afraad 2” left a sour taste with its very weak and predictable story, third class content (like; avoid getting raped), below par music and over flow of sponsors (like; I’m lovin’ it). There are certain ways to please your sponsors, but the way chosen here especially for McDonalds was really pathetic.

Na Maloom Afraad 02, 04

“Na maloom afraad 2” is a must watch movie for Fahad Mustafa fans but else doesn’t have much to it.  



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