Heer Ranjha

Heer Ranjha is one of the most well-known love stories of the Punjab. It’s a story of two ill-fated lovers from two warring villages who fall in love. Ranjha disguises himself as a cow-heard to remain near his beloved Heer and to also keep it as a secret too. Soon their love is discovered and they are separated. Heer’s evil uncle plans to keep the lovers apart forever, even when the two families are willing to let them marry.


This production is a contemporary re-telling of a story based on script by Kaifi Azmi, The script has been adapted for stage and some changes have been made to the music to suit the version of tragic tale.

Directed by Zain Ahmed who is now turning out to be an established director at the theatre scene and his skills can be gauged by the fact that some very senior actors like Arshad Mahmood, Samina Ahmed and Sanam Saeed act in his play.


Sanam Saeed probably the best theatre actor in Pakistan carries the play on her shoulders with her superb acting and singing. She simply outshone everyone including senior actors like Arshad Mahmood and Samina Ahmed. Flawless and outstanding performance to put it simply. Other main lead Hassan Raza also did justice to his role as Ranjha and Heer’s parents were equally good with their roles too. Other worth mentioning roles were of Meesam Naqvi and Nazar-ul-Hasan. Meesam’s dialogue deliveries were blurred at time and Nazar ul Hassan impressed with his acting here on theatre as previously we had only seen him as Mumbai Don in Na Maloom Afraad 2.

As for very senior and veteran actress Samina Ahmed, it must have been a very strange and a very unique experience of working under the direction of her own son. She must have enjoyed that a lot. Arshad Mahmood as always was perfect and spot on.



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