RANGREZA – trailer launch

The highly anticipated movie “Rangreza” released its trailer in an impressive and well-attended event with leading socialites, prominent businessmen, industrialists, celebrities and reputable personalities of showbiz industry.


Trailer gave hint to all the emotions we will be seeing in the movie plus the chemistry between the cast. The emotions of love, joy, anger and sadness are perfectly complimented showing two different cultures of music which evolves through the plot of the movie.

Making one of the most expensive Pakistani film production to-date, “Rangreza” is a musical romance directed Aamir Mohiduddin, featuring Bilal Ashraf, Gohar Rasheed, Urwa Hocane, Ghana Ali and Saleem Mairaj in the lead and principal cast.

Musical legend Abida Parveen features prominently on the sound tracks which are composed by the film’s writer Akhtar Qayyum. Asrar has also contributed with his amazing energy and vocals. Also featuring are J. Ali who has contributed with two songs and Hamza Akram and brothers with their explosive music.

Munir Hussain CEO of Munir Hussain Films, UK said; “I am very excited to bring another highly anticipated film, which will showcase the growing strength of Pakistani cinema. We have some creative plans in place for the release and we are grateful to all the partners especially B4U Motion Pictures and IMGC Global Pakistan for their excellent support and guidance”.

Informing about Rangreza Munir Hussain said; “Rangreza is great to all aspects, with great actors, excellent music and direction also with excellent partners like ARY, B4U.

Munir Hussain further said; “Rangreza is the second movie that I am doing after “Jannan” of which I was a part. For Munir Hussain cinema is passion and through this passion he wants to send positive message to the world. He is also a big believer in trust and most of the amazing relationships are based on trust. Trust sometime comes very slowly and at times comes quickly too”.


Talking about Pakistani Cinema, Munir Hussain said; “Pakistani cinema has immense potential and Punjab Nahi Jaun Gi and Na Maloom Afrad 2 had done great which further strengthens the case immense talent that Pakistani films have. Some excellent movies are coming soon too and I am sure that Pakistani cinema can do wonders and can be defining moment for projecting Pakistan’s soft image worldwide.

Aamir Mohiuddin, Director of “Rangreza” said: “This movie has all the elements and emotions in it and you will see a very natural depiction of our society in the movie”. He also thanked everyone who had contributed and said; “Munir Hussain is one of the producers a director can dream of, he had given a complete free hand and to be as creative as possible. Akhtar Qayyum the writer of the film has given his musical journey to this moive “Rangreza”.

Sunil Shah, Head of Film Division for B4U Motion Pictures said; “we are delighted to be further cementing our great partnership with Munir Hussain Films UK with the release of Rangreza, following unprecedented success of our previous out together “Janaan. Munir Hussain has such a pioneering and passionate vision for Pakistani cinema on a global platform and we are honoured to be jointly taking Pakistani cinema to another level with Rangreza, across a record number of international territories”

Rangreza will be released by IMGC Global Pakistan (Distribution Club) in association with B4U Motions Pictures and Munir Hussain Films UK on 21st December 2017.



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