Made in Pakistan. Fashion showcase – Day 01

Pakistan’s leading Fashion Council “Fashion Pakistan” (FP) has collaborated with Pakistan’s leading trade authority “Trade Development Authority of Pakistan” (TDAP) to bring another fashion week to our fashion industry with the title “Made in Pakistan – Fashion Showcase”.


TDAP was at the forefront and FP was at backfoot, and TDAP did succeed in bringing in the so called vip culture also known as ‘sarkaari culture’ to a fashion week for which they must be applauded. Apart from foreign delegates most of the crowd present seemed irrelevant for fashion shows. Once the show started all the deficiencies of TDAP officials became visible to naked eye as half of seats were vacant throughout show and many foreign delegates were seen leaving during the show. TDAP officials were seen facilitating only selected few of their own and many foreign delegates were left to be facilitated by untrained and unexperienced ushers.


First day of “Made in Pakistan – Fashion Showcase” started with a welcome speech by Chairman of Fashion Pakistan Mr. Deepak Perwani and during this welcome speech, Chairman Fashion Pakistan welcomed the delegates and guests and thanked them for gracing this event


He further informed that; “this show is divided into three parts,  during day one and day two Pakistan’s leading and established fashion designers will be show-casing their products, whereas on the third day “Millennial Fashion” is dedicated to young and emerging designers, which goes in-line with Fashion Pakistan’s policy of promoting young talent”.

On this concluding note Mr. Deepak Perwani said; “all the designs that will be showcased during the fashions week are based on export oriented and with a vision to contribute more to Pakistan’s economy for value added sector/market and in the end its it’s all about Pakistan, so bring to you Made In Pakistan”.

First designer to showcase was the chairman of Fashion Pakistan, Mr. Deepak Perwani and his designs seemed very cool, trendy and fit for evening wear. His designs seemed very export oriented keeping in mind both westerners and desi’s.


Next was Amir Adnan who showcased some of the finest jackets on day one, with FNK Asia from the House of Amir Adnan had few good pieces while rest of it was pretty normal.

Nova Leather showcased some of the best collection of day one with their excellent leather jackets, hand bags, purses, trousers and skirts and with any doubt Pakistan leather goods are one of the finest in the world and designs have improved lot too. Model Abeera Habib displayed the best looking dress produced by Nova Leather.

The Pink Tree Company showcased some very cool, trendy and elegant looking evening wear followed by Gogi by Hassan Riaz with pretty ordinary looking designs which didn’t feel like to be destined for export.

Last of the day one was Tena Durrani who wasn’t that impressive as was expected from her, some of her designs felt incomplete and didn’t seem fit to be for exports.

Overall first day of Made in Pakistan. Fashion showcase wasn’t that impressive and with a very dull red carpet with sarkaari culture, choreography by someone who is not familiar with choreography, not many top male/female models and so on.


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