Chupan Chupai – Trailer Launch

“Chupan Chupai” is directed by Mohsin Ali and it is his directorial debut. Producers are Ray Khan and Zayed Sheikh. The cast of the film includes Ahsan Khan, Neelam Muneer, Javed Sheikh, Talat Hussain, Arshad Mahmood, Sakina Samo, Rehan Sheikh, Adnan Jaffar, and Faizan Khawaja in main roles. It come under the under the production banner of Huzu Productions, with Hum Films and Eveready Pictures. “Chupan Chupai” will be released on 29th December 2017 to avoid competition from two big Pakistani movies releasing before Christmas weekend which are Arth 2 and Rangreza. The filming of “Chupan Chupai” began in February 2016.

With “Chupan Chupai” it seems as National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) students, graduates and their teacher dominating a film for first time. Producers of “Chupan Chupai”, Ray Khan and Zayed Sheikh are from Napa along-with director & writer Mohsin Ali. Senior actors like Arshad Mahmood, Talat Hussain & Rehan Shaikh are among the teachers of NAPA and in the acting sphere NAPA students & graduates have been ruling the roost for theatre and television for some time and now same can be said about films too.

Producers of “Chupan Chupai” Ray Khan & Zayed Sheikh thanked everyone present at the trailer launch and said that result seems fantastic to them, let see if crowd likes it or not. For them it was a great learning experience. It was like a dream becoming a reality. Most challenging task faced by producers was logistics and according to them this film has almost 20 major roles and around 53 locations and running from one location to another was really hectic. Senior actors were really nice to them and supportive too.

For Mohsin Ali Chupan Cupai is his debut as director and he is also the writer of “Chupan Chupai”, he has a previously written ‘Wrong No’ which had some very funny and catchy dialogues. When someone asked Mohsin Ali, why a comedy film? to which he replied “why not a comedy film?, masses here in Pakistan are fond of comedy films”. According to Mohsin Ali, “distribution stage is one of the most difficult stage being faced by new directors and producers, and he specially thanked HUM Films and Ever Ready Films for showing their trust” and his message to new film directors is; “make your film / trailer in a presentable format and pitch it to TV Channels, and producers, if your creation is good they will definitely give it a try”.

Ahsan Khan thanked everyone for coming present at the trailer launch, and said that “this is a very unique and new of story, but genre of the film is not new”, he further said that “when given the script, he was very thrilled to read it, and completed reading it in one go, and instantly agreed”.

Lead cast Ahsan Khan & Neelum Muneer at the red carpet of trailer launch of “Chupan Chupai”

According to Ahsan Khan, “biggest attraction of this film would definitely be Neelum Muneer”, and he further said that; “new people and young blood should be given a chance to prove their mettle and new people should be supported whole heartedly as they bring in new ideas and innovation to the evolving film industry”.

According to Ahsan Khan, Neelum Munir would be the biggest attaction of “Chupan Chupai”
Scene from the film “Chupan Chupai”

Senior actors like Javaid Shaikh, Arshad Mahmood and Adnan Jaffar couldn’t attend the trailer launch because of their other prior commitments and those present Neelum Muneer, Sakina Sammo, Rehan Shaikh and Faizan Khuwaja also spoke about their experiences with “Chupan Chupai”, but it was Sakina Sammo stood out and blamed some section of social media for creating stars out of ordinary actors and also stated that she is not at all comfortable working with stars, but would love to work with actors, according to her this should be avoided to make a better working environment for all.




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