‘Turkish Culinary Delights’

Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi celebrates the art of gastronomy, the culture and heritage of food from various parts of the world and this year they are excited to bring to Karachi ‘Turkish Culinary Delights’ with the support of Consulate General for Republic of Turkey in Karachi and Turkish Airline. This ‘Turkish Culinary Delights’ is to be held from the 25th of November 2017 to 29th of November 2017 at the ‘Chandi Restaurant’, Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.



Turkish Chefs throughout the world add value to the world of gastronomy with their vision, ability and are one of the leaders of the new generation of chefs. Here at Chandi Restaurant the visiting chefs from Turkey Mr. Faruk Aydin, chef de cuisine (master chef) & Mr. Ersun Gunduz, sous chef de cuisine (deputy chef) along-with locally available help from the executive chef of Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi Mr. Torsten created an aromatic Turkish ambiance which was very tempting and had an irresistible feel to it.


‘Turkish Culinary Delights’ was inaugurated in an impressive ceremony by chief guests Mr. Murat Mustafa Onart Consul General of Turkey in Karachi, Mr. Ishtiaq Baig honorary consul general of Kingdom of Morocco in Karachi and Mr. Jeffery Scott Sussman General Manager Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. Also accompanying them were Mr. Mr. Aslam Khan Hotel Manager and Ms. Laila Farah Naz Marketing & Communication Manager at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi.


Turkish cuisine is an interesting combination of flavors and is largely the continuation of Ottoman cuisine including Ali Nazik Kebab (eggplant puree with ground beef), Su Borek (layered Turkish pastry with cheese), Begendi Kebab (meat casserole with eggplant), Dolma Choises (rice wrapped in cabbage leaves), Adana Kebab (seekh kabab), Lamb Tandoori (grilled lamb), Seasonal Vegetables and Bean Casserole.


Apart from main courses desserts included Kazandibi (caramelized milk pudding), Asure (wheat pudding with dried fruits & nuts), Pumpkin Dessert, Kulfi & Semolina Halvah. List of starter and salads was also very impressive which included Manti (Turkish ravioli), shrimp salad, Turkish Tabbouleh, Pacanga Borek (Turkish spring rolls), Antaliya Beans Salad and Hummus.


Overall it was a memorable experience and the extra efforts of F&B department were visible and so was the PR department headed Ms. Laila Farah Naz who did an equally brilliant job creating enough buzz and by bringing in relevant media despite that the fact that city situation was not that well through-out the day.


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