60 Years of ‘Goethe-Institute’ in Pakistan.

For 60 years the Goethe-Institute has been engaging with arts and culture developments in Pakistan, and has innovated many contributions to these developments via increased cultural exchange between Pakistan and Germany.

On the weekend of December 16th and 17th, Goethe-Institute is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Pakistan with a line-up of artists who represent the most exciting contemporary modes of art making. The line-up also includes projects that have been conceived as a result of critical engagement between Pakistani and German artists facilitated by unique opportunities in both countries, geared towards linking the two art scenes across continents. These opportunities and collaborations have culminated in truly global sensibilities and narratives, as manifested not only in the format of the works created, but also through the interaction of distinct cultural contexts and histories. Two such projects represented include participants from Karachi Files (2015), and the Border Movement Residency.

The works featured over this special weekend explore a range of themes, all relevant in different ways to contemporary life. Some of the themes include personal lived experiences, odes to untold and/or forgotten histories, questioning of higher orders, explorations of the self in literary dystopias, and innovative, perhaps even quirky, sound making possibilities. The works take shape in a variety of installations and experiences; including light and sound installations, immersive performances, screenings, music, visual exhibits, and more.

As a centrepiece we will present “Being Faust – Enter Mephisto”, an interactive physical game enriched with online and social media elements developed by South Korean gaming outfit NOLGONG and Goethe-Institute Korea. The game is based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s best known drama “Faust” and asks the eternal questions: What do I value in life?, What are my personal values based on?, Which price am I willing to pay for success? Registration for one of the four rounds required.

Exhibits and installations will be open for viewing all day long, while the performances will be scheduled throughout two days dated December 16th to December 17th and list of exhibitions, installations and performances are;

  1. “Being Faust, enter Mephisto”
  2. “Organism Response” – sound and video installation by David Olbrich.
  3. Concert featuring DJ Ipek.
  4. “Memorial to Lost Words” – sound installation by Bani Abidi.
  5. “Noctiluscent” – LED installation by Wolfgang Spahn.
  6. Birds of Karachi” – a photo series by Pablo Lauf.
  7. “C(H)ORD – II” – immersive sound installation & performance by Zeerak Ahmed in collaboration with artist Danial Hyatt.
  8. “I would always dream of my House” – an audio walk on displacement by Shahana Rajani and Sonya Schõnberger.
  9. Presentation of “video-clips on 60 years of Goethe Institute in Pakistan”.
  10. “Calligraffiti” by Schrift Zug and Hamza Abu Ayyash.
  11. Short film screenings “Short Export” and “Emerging Artists”.
  12. “SoundLounge with Pakistan” featuring Alien Panda Jury, Natasha Humera Ejaz, Tollcrane, Slopin, Pablo Lauf and DJ Ipek.

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