Atif Aslam – singing Indian classics of 70’s & 80’s.

Atif Aslam’s concert at College of Business Management CBM (also known as Institute of Business Management IoBM) was one of the best concert that I had been to and here Atif Aslam is at his best singing some very old Indian classics of 70’s and 80’s era.

01) ‘kia howa, tera waada’ –  was the first song the medley and this song had a truly amazing feel to it and in Atif’s crisp vocals felt even better than the original one.

02) second song the of the medley also went well with the flow of previous song and felt good.

03) ‘kabhi kabhi’ – cant explain the response that was given by the crowd and that includes almost everyone in the crowd from students, parents, teachers, security guards  and musicians almost everyone was humming along with Atif Aslam.


This performance by Atif Aslam is one the best I have seen live and I have serious doubt that I will see a singer with better voice.


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