Rangreza – will be remembered for its music.

After huge success of Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi and Na Maloom Afraad 2, I was expecting some quality stuff from the makers of Rangreza, but was hugely disappointed  and to be honest I was expecting a lot more then what I had just seen. During the promotional period I remember someone from the production team said it to one of the most expensive Pakistani films of the year. Still wondering where all that money had been dumped to. My prediction for Rangreza is that this will be last miss of 2017 as last two movies of 2017, Arth-2 and Chuppan Chupai will be hit it for sure.


Rangreza is just another addition to the long list of Pakistani movies that flopped and almost all the flops of 2017 had at-least one point to share with each other that was ‘weak story line / weak content’, but in-case of Rangreza there were some other issues too.


Weak story coupled with even weaker direction was even harder to digest even though ‘rangreza had some brilliant actors but even they couldn’t steer the ship ashore. Editing was also sub-standard and I am still wondering how suddenly the song ‘Kallu’ jumped in from. This song ‘Kallu’ had no relevance to post or pre scenes.


Some of the brilliant acting displays were by Saleem Mairaj and Akbar Subhani, both these seniors were flawless with their acting skills and they didn’t miss a single mark. Normally it’s very pretty clear that Saleem Mairaj will be spot-on and flawless with his acting. Akbar Subhani’s acting and his face expressions were awesome and will be remembered for long. Malkani also acted superbly.


Main leads Bilal Ashraf and Urwa Hocaine were just pretty faces and weren’t that impressive, Gohar Rasheed showed glimpses of his skills but at times over-acted. Goher Rasheed is a very skilled and talented actor who wasn’t used well by the director. Ghana Ali turned out to be a surprise as she was not just a pretty face, but she also acted better then main lead Urwa Hocaine.

Music was the best part of Rangreza, to start off with best song of the movie and probably the best part of Rangreza was its song ‘Bagiya’ by Jonita Gandhi, title track which was ‘Hey Rangreza’ title track was a power packed performance by J. Ali and this title track reminded me of Aashiqui 2 but even then this song had feel-good factor it, Phool Khil Jayien by Abida Parveen & Asrar Shah and Bulleya by Asrar Shah and lastly Balamwa sung by Ustaad Fareed Ayaz, Ustaad Abu Mohammad & Hamza Akram Qawal. Only one song ‘Kallu’ could have been avoided.

Dances need to be choreographed in a better way and fight scenes were as badly choreographed as they have always been done in the past. DOP and Cinematography was better as compared some recent movies.

Overall there aren’t any crowd pullers in Rangreza and also the movie has no repeat value, I don’t see this movie doing much.



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