“Parchi” fails to live-up to its expectations.

For Pakistani movies year 2017 had only one movie to boast about and that was ‘Punjab Nahi Jau Gi’ and year 2018 started as badly as year 2017 stated off. First movie of year 2018 ‘Parchi’ wasn’t much different from the movies of 2017 as it has almost nothing to boast about. Due to immense hype created, expectation were high, but ‘Parchi’ failed to live-up to its expectations.


Certain scenes from ‘Parchi’ resembled ‘Fukrey Returns’ and most prominently roles of ‘Choocha’ and ‘Bholi Punjabaan’ were evident all through the ‘Parchi’. Shafqat Khan tried his best to copy ‘Choocha’ as much as he could but he failed miserably, Story written by Shafqat Khan felt headless and this coupled worst possible execution / direction reminded me of ‘Thora Jee Le’.


Apart from excellent cinematography, only other positive point of ‘Parchi’ acting by some of its actors. Best among them was by seasoned actor Shafqat Cheema as he literally dominated screen with his lively acting and excellent dialogues delivery. Faizan Shaikh also acted flawlessly throughout and surprisingly debutant Faiza Saleem also did justice to her role, her screen presence was better than her female colleagues. All main leads like Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Usman Mukhtar and Shafqat Khan failed miserably with their forgettable performances. Mah-e-nur Haider had a forgettable debut.


There are certain type of roles meant for certain type of actors and the role played by Hareem Farooq “madam saab” was definitely not meant for someone like Hareem Farooq. She didn’t fit into “madam saab” role at all, as she is simply too beautiful, bubbly and cute to be a gangster. Although it seemed as she had tried hard to act well and there were positive glimpses some were but background didn’t work for her, she is just another pretty face without much acting skills. I was expect a lot more from Hareem Farooq as she hails from theatrical background, but she simply failed to deliver.  At most she looked like a shadow of “bholi punjaaban” from Fukrey Returns. Production might be one reason why she couldn’t do justice to her role. Still wondering if she lost weight just to produce this rubbish.


Ali Rehman Khan didn’t act well but he seems like a terrific dancer, rest should take dancing lessons. Ali Rehman Khan seems like a decent addition to our very small list of male actors who have hero material within them and I am pretty hopeful that with better selection and slight improvement he can be the next big thing in Pakistani movie scene.


As for music, I have seen very few Pakistani movies which lack good music and ‘Parchi’ is definitely on the list with its pathetic music. Highly anticipated songs Billo Hai and Imagine have Bollywood feel to them. Should have done better.




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