Start your day with ‘Go Healthy’ at Al-Bustan Restaurant, Mövenpick Hotel.

For many breakfast is the first meal of a day which is most often eaten in the early morning before starting your usual day, and in a city like Karachi which sleeps late, breakfast is not always top on priority list of many Karachi’ites. But for someone like me strong and healthy breakfast is always a top before starting any day.


We have been exploring different eateries and pretty recently a friend recommended Al-Bustan Restaurant at Mövenpick Hotel and immediately we decided to give it a try. Once reaching there at around 08:00, we were amazed to see the restaurant half full which felt good, as you don’t get to see restaurants crowded for breakfast here in Karachi.

Once you proceed towards buffet area, first thing that attracts you is the hand written signboard (or blackboard to precise) which says “GO Healthy”. Upon enquiring one of servers informed that this is dedicated section for health conscious diners.

From what we observed Al-Bustan Restaurant is divided into three main sections, which can be described as ‘desi section’ for those who prefer Pakistani breakfast. This section contains traditional Pakistani breakfast items like Aalo ki Tarkari (Potato curry), Cholay ki Tarkari (Chickpea Curry), Suji ka Halwa (dessert) with Puri (deep fried bread) to start-off with and then proceeding to heavier stuff (main course) like Mutton Paya (mutton leg curry), Chicken Qeema (minced chicken) with Paratha (pan fried bread). Best among the desi section was their ‘mutton paya’.


Next was ‘continental section’ starting with Porridge, Pan-Cakes, French-Toasts, Waffles, Boiled Eggs and a dedicated Egg Station making different type omelettes and half fry eggs as starters followed by main courses Baked beans, Garlic Rice, Chicken Fried Noodles, Roasted Potato Wedges, Finger Fish, Grilled Chicken, Beef Kebab, Sautéed Garlic Mushroom, & Veal Sausages. Also with these you can enjoy some of the best and freshest confectionery items consisting of different type of croissants and in addition all this you are further spoiled with available option from dairies with many types of mouth-watering cheese like Feta Cheese, Gouda Cheese, Blue Cheese, Brie Cheese and couple of types of butters.


And lastly comes the best part of the breakfast the ‘Go Healthy’ section which had some of the best and healthy food. Starting from fresh fruits, mixed fruit salad bar, dry-fruits, fresh healthy veggies and cereals like corn flakes, frosted flakes etcetera. Literally all items available at ‘Go Healthy’ section were very fresh and tasted excellently.


Cold beverages bar seems like well stuffed-one with ample variety like infused water, apple juice, orange juice, beet-root juice, salted-lassi and sweet-lassi. Only missing element was missing of proper hot-beverages bar, as coffee was missed very dearly not by me but some others were also asking for coffee repeatedly and also heard people asking for green-tea on Go-Healthy counter. Only available option was tea which was served on requested by servers and this was enough to nullify the concept of buffet.

Overall I would rate my visit to Al-Bustan @ Mövenpick Hotel as 8/10 with its excellent ambiance, very well trained staff and excellent food all around gives you a feel of royalty. This is must visit food lovers who would like to ‘Go Healthy’.



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