Strings at PEOC.

Strings as a band has improved a lot and after their re-emergence from hiatus of four years they have come back even stronger. All member of the band gel-well together to bring to us the most nostalgic music from yesteryears of early 90’s and early 2000’s. This year Strings is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a band.


Evergreen singing duo and backbone of Strings Faial Kapadia Bilal Maqsood have matured as musicians and with them seasoned guitarist Adeel Ali is still there with rest of the line-up being comparatively new with Haider Ali on Key Boards, Aahad Nayani on Drums and Bradley D’Souza on Bass Guitars. Among the new members Aahad Nayani is clearly crowd’s favourite, even at corporate event like this one, crowd were chanting Aahad’s name and were praising his improvisations.

First song of the night was ‘yahan koi aanay waala hay’ which clearly showed the level of confidence and chemistry that Strings as a band has developed between them.

‘Spiderman’ song followed with ‘ghatta chaaiay chaaiay’ and ‘anjaanay’ with Bilal and Faisal taking turns with on main vocals and both were near perfect with their vocal skills and were equally backed by excellent support from the band specially Aahad Nayani who has succeeded in elevating his status from an ordinary session drummer to one of the better drummers of the country.


After couple of more songs came the most iconic song of Strings or as said by Faisal Kapadia ‘the signature song of Strings’, none other than ‘sar kiay ye pahar’ which had a very nostalgic feel to it. Listing to this song takes me back to my school time and even at that time it had an amazing feel to and it still does sound amazing.

Overall performance by Strings was near perfect and can’t wait to see more of them soon.


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