The trailer launch of Pakistani animated movie “TICK TOCK”.

The trailer of upcoming Pakistan animated adventurous movie “Tick-Tock” was unveiled at local hotel in Karachi. “Tick Tock” is set to hit theatres nation-wide on 23rd March 2018. Present at the trailer launch were the main voice-over artists of the movie including Ahsan Khan, Alyy Khan & Maria Memon.

Tick-Tock is produced by Sana Tauseef under the banner of Hum Films and is written by well-known movie film Omair Alvi. Tick Tock is directed by well-known name in the entertainment industry as a fil maker Omer Hassan.

Main voice-over of the characters in the movie is by

  • Ahsan Khan as Hassan
  • Maria Memon as Daanya
  • Alyy Khan as KK
  • Ghulam Mohiduddin as Gobo

Tick-Tock is an animated movie about history buffs Hassan and Daanya, who embark upon a time travel adventure along with their teacher KK and anti-hero Gobo who wants to change the history for his own benefit. The story evolves into a fun-filled adventure as they meet and greet the greatest heroes in Pakistan history and how our heroes overcome all the negative forces to keep the timeline intact. Adventurous twists and turns, packed with fun and action makes this movie a spellbinding and unique experience for Pakistani audiences. The story has a subliminal educational message.

Omar Hassan director of Tick-Tock said; “animated content is a team work of 60 to 70 people who mostly stay hidden but are the back bone of any animated project. If we start making only 4 ~ 5 animated movies every year, we will succeed in creating an animation movie industry in Pakistan”.

Speaking at the trailer launch Sana Tauseef said: “tick Tock has historical value and our main object was to introduce real heroes of Pakistan to new and young generation”.

She further went on to say that; “animation is an expensive industry and our animation industry is still in its infancy stage. We look forward to support from Government sector as well as from budding investors willing to invest in this new and infant sector which is globally an industry of US$ 244 Billion (2015) and growing by 5% every year”.

On the concluding note Sana Tauseef said; “Tick-tock is 100% made in Pakistan and we are proud of it”


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