Gujjars are back.

Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan and that also makes Punjab as the largest market for many sectors (including movies, films etc.). More than 45% Pakistani’s call Punjabi as their native language/mother tongue and if we also include local dialects like Saraiki, Hindko, Pahari, Gojri and Kashmiri then it’s almost 65% of Pakistani’s.

With the recent success of ‘Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi’, focus of filmmakers and producers seems to shifting back to the mentality of rural Punjab. With ‘Maan Jao Naa’, Lollywood (Pakistani film industry) seems to be welcoming the Gujjars back to its main stream.

Gujjars who once ruled Lollywood’s Punjabi movies with absolute power had faded out but not completely. From early 80’s onwards almost every other Punjabi movie either had a Gujjar title or at-least one of the male lead used to have a Gujjar name. This trend soon shifted towards urdu movies too resulting in a disaster for majority of cine goers.

Gujjars were so good at making movies that they kept on making movies until Lollywood was admitted in an intensive care unit (ICU) and then they left abruptly. Then some well reputed doctors like Shoaib Mansoor etc came to rescue the ailing industry and did well for revival of Lollywood (Pakistani film industry) to some extent, but now it seems as Lollywood is going back to the state of 80’s and 90’s.

Keeping the Gujjar perspective in mind, watching ‘Maan Jao Naa’ was fun, female lead and debutant Elnaaz Norouzi seemed like a younger and skinnier version of Saima with just few difference like acting and dancing at which Saima was really good at, whereas Elnaaz Norouzi had an expressionless face all throughout the movie and didn’t know how to dance.

Watching Adeel Chaudary act was pure mental torture and some who had planned to cast him opposite Elnaaz Norouzi must be punished for casting him opposite Elnaaz Norouzi who at times seemed a foot taller than Adeel Chaudary. Director Aabis Raza must be feeling really proud for casting both leads with no acting skills.

After watching ‘maan jao naa’, I must say we urgently need another revival for Lollywood (Pakistani film industry) as soon as possible or else we will end up watching similar type of movies like the ones produced during 80’s and 90’s.




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