‘Cake’ – Sanam Saeed all the way.

Why Cake? because Cake is made from the cluster of layers that integrate into each other and also that cake also plays an important role in social gathering as being the centre of attraction

‘Cake’ is more of a one to one contest between Aamna Sheikh and Sanam Saeed. Both these superbly talented actresses tried their best to outdo each other resulting in a best display acting in any recent Pakistani movie. Their versatile and near perfect acting skills were a treat to watch and just because of these two very talented & versatile actresses, my eyes were glued to screen till end.

Winner of this superb contest for me was Sanam Saeed who stood-out from the rest of the cast very distinctly. This was Sanam Saeed’s best movie performance by all means with perfect acting and the role that suited her style well. Sanam Saeed’s acting performance has all the elements to call it a perfect one she was precise, strong, direct and yet very simple with her expressions.

Apart from these two brilliant actors, others fared well too, apart from Adnan Malik who felt more like a filler rather than main lead. Senior actors like Beo Rana Zafar and Mohammad Ahmed were also impressive and so were Faris Khalid and Meekal Zuliqar.

Music was another positive side of ‘Cake’ by Saif Samejo of Sketches fame. All songs and music was fuses well with the Sindhi theme of the movie. Songs like ‘meri dunya kay rakhwalay sunn’ and ‘saat sadyoon ka geet’ can be a decent addition to any Karachite’s music list.

Other than acting and music, there isn’t much that can be written about the movie ‘Cake’, execution could have been a bit better, screen felt too dull and dark mostly, low sound quality, cinematography lacked too, story at times dragged and some low calibre humour didn’t the suit the mood of the movie. But leverage can be given to Asim Abbasi as a debutant and we can hope for a better and improved show next time.

Cake is definitely not meant for commercial success, these type of movie are meant for mature audiences and we Pakistani’s are not ready for Cake type movies as yet, this type should be shown on small screen not on big one.




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