‘pahiya chala’ from MotorCycle Girl

“pahiya chala’ another awesome song from Adnan Sarwar’s upcoming movie ‘Motorcycle Girl’ starring Sohai Ali Abro is also released now. Video of the song has excellent acting by very pretty looking Sohai Ali Abro, breath taking cinematography and equally awesome music. Fazia Mujahid’s crispy vocals fit well the mood of the theme.  


Song: ‘pahiya chala’

Movie: Motorcycle Girl

Song Credits

Written by Adnan Sarwar

Composed by Adnan Sarwar

Produced by Sherry Khattak @ Xth Harmonic

Lyrics: Adnan Sarwar & Mubashar Hassan

Vocals: Faiza Mujahid

Guitars: Sherry Khattak

Bass: Omair Farooq

Drums: Bilawal Lahooti

Mixed by Xulfi

Mastered by Tom Waltz @Waltz Mastering

Special Thanks: Farhan Albert


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