Pakistan South East Asia Business Forum (PSEABF) launched in Karachi 2018.

Pakistan South East Asia Business Forum (PSEABF) showcased the launch of business platform which is initiated and designed to gather a spectrum of stakeholders with the intention of bringing nations together.

Ms. Sahibzadi Mahin Khan (Ceo of Mahin Khan & Co) and Mr. Farhad Karamally (Ceo of Funverks Global) unveiled PSEABF logo, its website ( and shared their views on upcoming Business Conference which will take place in September, 2018 at a local hotel Karachi, Pakistan.

“Collaboration divides the task and multiplies the success”

The PSEA Business Forum is a cross-industry, peer-to-peer learning community; developed by global thought leaders and influential practitioners to explore approaches and actionable solutions for modern economic challenges. Innovative and new ideas are stimulated through collaboration and with shared responsibility for building purposeful long-term alliances between stakeholders.

Through a series of insightful discussions and focused working groups and conferences, this Business Forum is an opportunity for Government and Non-Government bodies to share their visions for sustainable economic development, and find new ways to resiliently work together towards a common goal.

About Mahin Khan and Company: Mahin Khan and Company is a premier business consultancy firm. Mahin started the firm in 2016 which offers capacity building trainings, public relations, corporate event management services and project consultancy. Through this venture she has consulted for renowned industry players and other government organizations.

About Funverks Global: Funverks is an organizational learning & strategy development-consulting firm with a purpose to bring efficacy, energy & effectiveness to existing, evolving & emerging organizations by means of our innovative solutions: determining, designing & delivering capacity building & performance enhancement trainings; diagnostics & assessments. Funverks thrives in challenging assumptions that hinder organizational aspirations by innovatively serving world-class solutions that yield maximum impact, scalability & benefit to a wider base of stakeholders. We are a regional organization with offices in Karachi-Pakistan, Dubai-UAE and Colombo-Sri Lanka.


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