“BEING HERE AND BECOMING THERE”, a solo show by Fatima Saeed opens today, 24th September at KOEL Gallery.

Koel Art Gallery is showcasing at their gallery exhibits from Fatima Saeed’s creative-work which is titled as “Being here and becoming there”. This exhibition is all set to start on Tuesday 24th September 2019 and will continue till Thursday 03rd October 2019.

Fatima Saeed acquired her BFA, majoring in Print-making from NCA, Lahore in 2001. She then migrated to Australia in 2009 and did her Masters in Fine Arts, by research from UNSW Art & Design, Sydney in 2014.

Moving back to Pakistan in 2015, she is currently teaching Print-Making as a Permanent Assistant Professor at the National College of Arts, Lahore. The multi-disciplinary approach in Saeed’s work employs Miniature-Painting, Photography, Print-Making and Installation.

Recipient of 2005 Commonwealth Arts and Craft Award, London and 2011 COFA’s Victoria Marinov Award, Saeed’s work has been shown widely in exhibitions across Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States.

Fatima Saeed said; “the concept behind my current practice revolves around the idea of displacement and the sense of belonging. In today’s contemporary world, migration has become a common phenomenon and while I, along with my family, voluntarily migrated to Australia, the decision of moving back to Pakistan was a daunting one. As Salman Rushdie wrote of coming from too many places and having too many roots, aptly describes this sense of belonging or existing in more than one place at one time. These themes revolving around resettling and readjusting are addressed through visual symbolism in my work”.

She said; “for example, the abstracted motif of a house is played around with, in different ways. This archetypal house is constructed in its most obvious rendition- that of a simple square and triangle, much like the universal version that is common to children. The idea of chahar-bagh or sacred geometry is referenced in my work in which the basic forms of circle and squares serve as a source of meditation. Repetition is another symbol used to imbue a sense of order and stability to the images and is in a metaphoric sense, an attempt to counter my feelings of disorientation and dislocation”.

She further said; “I have also created a series of small suitcases, which refer to individuals whom I have closely observed. I have tried to illustrate and contain their experiences in the form of a suitcase. Although their outer form is the same, each suitcase has a story to share inside. The central concerns of displacement and relocation in my work manifest themselves in the metaphors I use, such as delineation of spaces, segregation of public and private, themes around the idea of home and associated memories”.

On concluding note Fatima Saeed said; “whenever we venture out in the world, we tend to compare things we see to things we know. My experience of voluntary migration puts me in this position of comparison, and the need to create the familiar in an unfamiliar environment”.

Center of My Universe - II

Centre of My Universe - I
Center of My Universe – I
From the series, A stitch in time
From the series, A stitch in time
Recreating the familiar
Recreating the familiar

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