ON MY WAY TO WONDERLAND by Obaid ur Rahman

Sanat Initiative Art gallery brought something very unique and new for art fraternity by exhibiting 3d street-art with chalk at their gallery with exhibits from Obaid-ur-Rahman.


Speaking to our correspondent 3D artist Obaid-ur-Rahman informed that this is his first solo exhibition and it’s also first time when 3D street-art with chalk in being exhibited/displayed at any art gallery for which thanked Mr. Amin Merchant from Sanat Initiative Art gallery for appreciating his art-work and giving him an opportunity to exhibit his art here at Sanat.


Obaid-ur-Rahman started painting three years ago on paper, initially all paintings were on paper then he proceeded to paint on hard-boards and then on-wards to walls. After some time all walls were utilized from there on he moved out where the world was waiting for him.


Without any proper training nor degree from any art school meant that he was on his own and with any backing of art school it was very difficult for Obaid-ur-Rahman to get recognized but social media helped. He searched all over internet for 3D Chalk Art and found many artist of his type. One of them was Tracey Leestum from America who became an inspiration for him. Tracey Leestum was amazed with his art-work which was without any proper training, she not only praised his art-work but also encouraged him to move out of box.


Participating in an exhibition in Germany was an amazing experience for him where participation with legends meant a lot, future plans are to participate in exhibitions in USA,  again in Germany and more solo shows here in Karachi.



Lahore Se Aagey


Lahore Se Aagey, yet another indianized type movie to start off with, don’t know why our producers and directors love to copy or follow Indian pattern of movies, if they are so adamant to copy then I would suggest that Hollywood can be a better option to copy / follow rather than Bollywood’s style. By copying Bollywood, end product would be a second grade product, because Bollywood copies Hollywood and we copy Bollywood.


As being the sequel of ‘Karachi se Lahore‘, I wasn’t expecting much from ‘Lahore Se Aagey’, weak story,  direction-less direction and weak acting by some actors were overshadowed excellent acting from Yasir Hussain, beauty of Saba Qamar and excellent music (specially AIMA BAIG).


For me ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ had three main positive points which saved it from complete collapse and theses are;


  1. Yasir Hussain’s acting: I have been closely following this guy since I saw him on theatre, acting for Anwar Maqsood’s plays and since then I have a fan of this guy. Your acting skills have simply saved this movie from complete disaster, although you could have written somewhat better then what you wrote.


  1. Saba Qamar’s Beauty: Another positive point of this movie is Saba Qamar’s stunning and striking beauty; she was a treat to look at too. Couldn’t look away from screen when she was on-screen. Although at certain points her acting wasn’t that good, but her beautiful face didn’t allow me to focus much on


  1. Music: We (Pakistani’s) are really good at producing good music and it’s our music that has always made me proud and even flop movies like Hijrat and ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay’ had excellent music and excellent songs.


Here music director Shiraz Uppal has done a great job, even-though some of the songs don’t have that level of lyrics but even-then songs are great and are picturized in great way too. Biggest sensation of the movie is definitely Aima Baig, with naturally gifted singing skills; her vocal chords are way too powerful and over-shadows most of female singers around. I feel some real and strong competition coming up for Meesha Shafi and Zoe Viccaji. Ehle-Dil was best sung song with not that good lyrics, and Aashir Wajahat also sang his song quite well. Medley of evergreen Pakistani songs of 90’s were great too.


Now about acting, apart from Yasir Hussain and somewhat Saba Qamar all actors looked very mediocre, veteran and seasoned actors like Rubina Ashraf, Behroze Sabwari and Atiqa Odho should opt better roles rather than these filler type roles. Actors with such credentials should go for pillar type roles rather filler type roles. Behroze Sabwari did well, but Rubina Ashraf wasted herself.


Like Yasir Hussain, Abdullah Farhatullah also comes with a theatre background but he failed to impress and for Omer Sultan I am still trying to find exact words to write about his acting, I haven’t seen some trying to copy Amitab bachan as bad Omer Sultan has done in this movie.


Cameo performance by Ali Zafar was best and went well with the flow of the movie whereas Frieha Altaf’s cameo performance was worst one of the movie. Aashir also did well his act.


Story was way too predictable and some of the scenes like accident scene where Saba’s car hits Yasir, car break-down due to fuel shortage, then finding tribal people in middle of no-where and then dances were very very predictable, you get to see these type of scenes in almost every other Indian movie. .


In the end, biggest plus point of this movie is Aima Baig, her vocals over shadow each and every aspect of ‘Lahore Se Aagey’.




01st HUM Style Awards

As usual for these kind of shows, nothing started on time, we were informed that each and every aspect of the show will be done very professionally and this show will be different from other shows, but once we reached their at around 08:00 pm hardly few people were at Red Carpet.


Invitation card said red carpet at 07:00pm and show time 09:00pm. Well I have no idea when the red carpet started, but show started at 10:50pm and finished at around 02:20am.


High Points

  • Management: Organizer were true to their word that this show will be different, this surely was one of the best managed show I have been to, since 02nd TMA (The Music Awards), red carpet was very well managed and stage management was better than the last few shows I had been to. Overall  1st Q-Mobile Hum Style Awards had a feel good effect to it and it didn’t linger on like other shows. It was a very well managed show. Good management, good work HUM TV.
  • Music: was the best part of 01st Hum Style Awards, songs selections were excellent and icing on the cake was that all of them were Pakistani.
  • Live performances: by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Zafar were excellent and these two performances saved an almost sinking ship. I was about to doze-off when Rahat was announced.
  • Indian Songs: Finally we get see a show where there were no Indian songs in back-ground and credit should go to PEMRA rather than HUM TV


Low Points

  • National Anthem 01st Hum Style Awards 2016 should have stated off with National Anthem, almost everyone was willingly saying the word Pakistan Zindabad but anthem was missing. Show Director Nida Butt should be knowing better why it was skipped.
  • Content: content/script weren’t impressive at all, needs to be improved. HUM TV could have hired famous writer for their 01st Hum Style Awards. I hope they do hire someone who can write skits for these kind of shows.
  • Hosts: With the exception of Adnan Malik who had an aura and had elegance to host such a big show, he had complete command on what he was doing whereas other three hosts were disappointing.
  • Dances weren’t that good, Pakistani’s can’t dance that’s a sure shot, with just one exception i.e. Sohai Ali Abro who knew how to dance.
  • Content wasn’t that good either.
  • Advertising was simply too much, I remember hearing the words “Presented by Q-Mobile, Powered by Nishat Linen and refreshed by Nestle Fruta Vitals” more than 150 times. This was ridiculous
  • Missing Persons: some of the most stylish personals in the show business industry like Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam, Shan Shahid and Nabila were found missing, I wonder what kept them away from this show.
  • Indian Factor: Although no Indians were present but too much emphasizing on Indians wasn’t very sweet to listen to. Hosts were too indianized, this pissed off Sanam Saeed who left after those weird questions that were asked.
  • Public Relations: Public Relations of an event of such magnitude were handled by a very outdated PR firm and people at helm of affairs had no idea how to deal with online publications, they were only interested know if you were from any print publication.
  • Dancers from Dubai: Looked very odd, their faces didnt synchornize with local faces and local celebrities.



Ahmed Ali Akbar: among all four hosts for the evening Ahmed Ali Akbar was the one who disappointed the most, he simply lacks the required charisma for hosting such big events.

Ayesha Omer: other host for first half Ayesha Omer was very ordinary with her performance as host and neither was she dress up very exceptionally.

Adnan Malik: Best host of the evening, he carried weight of show on his shoulders with lots of confidence and never seemed to be short on any side. He has the aura, charisma to host shows like these.

Amna Haq: although Amna Haq is a brilliant actor, but she disappointed too with her hosting skills and her commentary was worst performance of the evening, closely followed by Hasan Sheharyar Yasin’s dance performance.



Opening act: Opening act by Ahmed Ali Akbar, Meesha Shafi & Umair Jaswal was utter disgrace and left a bad taste for a while. Only Jaswal’s powerful vocals tried to save this act from complete disaster, but something better could have been produced.

Dance performance: Saba Qamar is just a pretty and is not good at dancing at all and other half of this performance Zahid Ahmed doesn’t needs any mention.

Comedy Performance: One of the better performance of the evening was by Zahid Ali-T all the way from Toronto, Canada. He shared his experiences in Pakistan and also did comedy skits.

Singing performance: star performer of the night was Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who sang out his heart and certainly saved a sinking ship, his performance was one of few positive points of the evening.

Dance performance: King of couture Hasan Sheharyar Yasin should also learn a few things about dancing and other half of the performance Sonya Hussain very very disappointing.

Singing performance; also another star performance of the night was by Ali Zafar along with his band-mates like Asad Ahmed. His performance was one of few positive points of the evening.

Dance performance: Ali Zafar is not good at dancing whereas Sohai Ali Abro was the best dancer of the evening. She knew what she was doing.

Closing act: Closing act as pathetic as was the opening act and needs not further mention.



Awards were given to Shahzad Noor as male model of the year by Hasan Sheharyar Yasin and Mawra Hocane and female model of the year was given to Amna Babar by Imad Irfani and Naveen Waqar.


Hannan Siddiqui got the best hair stylist & make-up artist by Tariq Amin and Nadya Hussain.


Tappu Javairi and Shehla Chatoor presented Shahbaz Shaazi best photographer award and then best fashion publications went to Diva and way given away by Zeba Bakhtiar.


CFO of Q-Mobiles Mr. Babar Sultan gave away the rising star award to Ashna Khan, and Noor Hasan and Sunita Marhsal came over to present best anchor award to Hasan Sheharyar Yasin who said nothing is impossible.


Most stylish male performer was awarded to Ali Zafar which wasn’t digestible, with people like Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam, Shan Shahid and many more around I am still wondering how could Ali Zafar end up with this award and same was the case with most stylish female performer, which was awarded to Meesha Shafi.


Nabila didn’t bother to come to show and her video message said that she didn’t need any more awards and she now leaves this field open for upcoming youngsters.


Bunto Kazmi was given Excellence award by Mrs. Sultana Siddiqui and Mr. Duraid Qureshi and Mrs. Naz Mansha got Recognition award. Sultana Siddiqui said that hinted that about an upcoming film festival that they are planning for.


Most stylish presenters of the evening Mr. and Mrs. Waseem Akram came to present most stylish sports personality award to Shahid Afridi which was one of the few awards that I would agree upon. If there would have an award of most stylish couple, definitely Mr. and Mrs. Waseem Akram would have bagged it.


Best designer for Lawn was for Elan given away by Mr. Hasan Ali Media Manager Nestle Pakistan, best designer for Luxury Couture went Shahla Chatoor’s way, presented to her by Feroz Khan and Mansha Pasha.


Best retail brand for Apparel was given away by Mr. and Mrs. Amir Adnan to Sapphire and best retail brand for accessories / jewelry was given to Amber Sami by Munib Nawaz and Momal Sheikh who mis-spelled the name three times.

Designer of year for menwear was presented by Imran Abbas and Sarwat Gillani to Republic by Omer Farooq and Abdullah Haris.

Designer of the year for bridals given away by Shazad Raza and Bunto Kazmi was given to Faraz Mannan who was not present and sister received award on his behalf.

Style Icon went to Wasim Akram who thoroughly deserved it, and then Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Umer were invited to give away most stylish actor for television to Hamza Ali Abbasi, who spoke about Kashimiris and their struggle, next-in were Humayoon Saeed and Mrs. Naz Mansha to present most stylish actress for television to Syra Shehroze.


Lastly most stylish actor for films was given to Humayoon Saeed by Vaneeza Ahmed and Hamza Ali Abbasi. Vaneeza was seen after a long long time and said a few things about fashion and style, grand finale for the evening was award for most stylish actress for films to very much expected Mahira Khan who emotionally thanked Asim, Humayoon, Sultana Apa, Feeha Jamshaid and her hair stylist for keeping her the way she is.

That ended 03 and half hours of entertainment with equally pathetic closing song by Ahmed Ali Akbar and then a grand selfie.

Nice try by HUM TV to enter stylish market, but they have to go a long long way before they can come anywhere near the other style awards

QHSA16 #QmobileHumStyleAwards


Before going to see this movie I called almost all of my friends and colleagues who are basically from Swat and one of my colleague who is an excellent cook came to my place with excellent home-made beef biryani


Once settled I asked him what jannan meant?, he immediately said “mashooq”, and he then countered a question “do you have any Janaan?. My answer was an immediate and a big No.


DIRECTION & STORY: I have been to Swat many times and have stayed there, made friends, although didn’t make any Janaan. We were told that Janaan will be a movie aimed at bringing life to a culture that is overshadowed the most and highlights the essence of Pakhtoons. I did see some glimpses of pakhtoon culture in the movie but calling this a movie based on pakthoon culture wouldn’t right.


Never heard of any pakhtoon family sending their girl all by herself overseas for education, even some-one as famous as Malala didn’t go all by herself.


Meena had been away from family for six years only and on return not recognizing Asfandyar didn’t fit well, this kind of stuff is very common in bollywood movies. There are many other scenes that can only be seen in bollywood movie not in any part of Pakistan or Swat to be precise.


Ikramullah (Nayer Ijaz) is shown as a very influential person and the way he was arrested (way too easily) is not digestible, in our part of the world even a small crook is not that easy to arrest.


ACTING: Starting with Armeena, she disappointed once again with her acting skills, although she looked cute all through-out the movie and that was the only positive aspect that she could bring into the movie.


Bilal Ashraf the other lead looked very much inspired by Siddarth Malhotra and his acting in Kapoor & Sons, for me Bilal Ashraf was the biggest disappointment of the movie, expressionless acting. He should be better at ramp-walk.


Mishi Khan and Nayer Ijaz didn’t impress at all, and guy who was playing the role of Groom will try to forget this movie pretty soon, as he just couldn’t deliver. That Canadian girl didn’t know how to cry, she reminded me of bollywood movies of early 90’s.


Ajab Gul was perfect most of the time and surprise was Hania Amir excellent on her debut, I was told by friends that this is her first acting assignment; before this movie she had not acted in any drama / movie / commercial or anything similar, she handled here character very well. Grand-Mother acted well enough.


And lastly Ali Rehman Khan future super-star, can’t wait to see you soon again on-screen, you are the kind of stuff that our industry needs the most, you know how to act on big screen and you carried your character very well through-out. Thoroughly impressed.


MUSIC: Music has always been best part of most of the Pakistani movies released recently and same was for Janaan. Both versions of title song Janaan were excellent especially female version sung by Sherya Ghoshal was mind blowing. Reid-i-Gul had an amazing feel to it, although didn’t understand much of song but felt good and Jhoom lay had nice vocals from Natasha but this song had a bollywood essence to it. Shor Sharaba was the only forgettable song of this movie.

CONCLUSION: Decent try by Azfar Jafri to show pakhtoon culture and even with its loop-holes it was a nice experience watching this movie with no real big stars. It seems that now we are getting used-to watching Pakistani movies and finally the cinematography of Swat was truly amazing, had no idea that Swat is such a beautiful place. Excellent of cinematography.


Pakistani movies releasing this Eid-ul-Adha season

Trying to kill time here in office, and trying to figure out what to do next. Not much people around to talk to, so what do I do next?


Write a review on Pakistani movies? sounds good, but rather then writing a review on each movie separately I would compare these four Pakistani movies in the simplest possible way.


So here is my comparison between four Pakistan movies released during last week for up-coming Eid-ul-Adha season.

Table 01:

S No Movie Direction Story Acting Music



Teri Meri Love Story







Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay





















Table 02:











So for those of you who are planning to spend hard earned money to watch some real Pakistani movie  on big screen then “Actor-in-Law” in a must watch closely followed by “Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay”.


If you plan to promote Pakistan movies further then you should go and see “Janaan” also.


“Teri Meri Love Story” is a total waste of money, time and your energy. Please don’t waste your hard earned money and your precious time on this pathetic movie and also try to conserve your energy.

Zindagi Kitni Hassen Hay (ZKHH)

Not sure how many of you have seen Indian movie “Akele Hum, Akele Tum” released during 1995 featuring Aamir Khan & Manisha Koirala which was inspired by American drama film “Kramer vs Kramer” from 1979 featuring Dustin Hoffman & Meryl Streep. Both these movies are based on small kid aged around 07 ~ 08 with fighting parents and then both parent going their ways, mother being more successful and father not that successful. Kid gets to stay with the father.


Now coming back to “Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay”, a romantic drama film as claimed by directed by Anjum Shahzad is probably the second movie to be premiered this Eid-ul-Adha season after “Teri Meri Love Story” and by far this movie is better than first release of the season.


Feroz Khan was simply brilliant and to be honest I wasn’t expecting this much from him, I went to see the movie with a mind that Sajjal Ali will steal the lime-light, but it was the other way around. Feroz Khan you have impressed me with your acting skills.


Jibraiyl Ahmed real star of the movie was exceptionally brilliant and took the centre stage right from his first on-screen entrance, this kid dominated screen mostly and his presence at times made Sajjal Ali looking very mediocre actor which she was in the movie.


Sajjal Ali was the biggest disappointment of this movie, below par acting and could have done better and director of the movie could have found a better and more mature actress for this kind of role.


Alyy Khan as usual was brilliant with his role but his assistant was the dumbest character of the movie closely followed by Nabeel Zuberi. Walking on a ramp and acting are two entirely different subjects, one should understand the fact that if you are good at ramp-walk even then you have to learn to act to be in a movie.


Nayyar Ejaz and Rashid Farooqui also did well with their roles, but some-one like Rashid Farooqui should opt for bigger and better slice rather this small role.


It seems that Pakistani movies are moving in the right direction but to progress further we need to remove characters like the one played by Shafqat Cheema, these type of characters simply do not exists in our part of the world, I am yet to see one, and don’t we have any new faces for villain-type roles, why do we have to go back to these old and million times tried faces like Shafqat Cheema.


Music was good, especially Tootiya Tara & Udasiyaan which were synchronized well with the scenes, and Mustafa Zahid and Adnan Dhool rocked with their powerful vocals. Title song sung by Adnan Dhool & Momina Mustehsan had a good feel to it too.


Anjum Shahzad showed some real guts by highlighting the negative-side of our beloved morning shows and also by showing drama/movie shoots.


This movie also had its share of loop-holes, raining had a fake feel to it, and it was too much raining, fight sequence was one of the worst scene of the movie, kidnapping, police chase and hospital scene. These scenes could have been improved


And finally last scene of the movie where parents are trying to bring the kid back to life was amazing and brought tears nearby.


A must watch movie for parents specially for fathers.

Teri Meri Love Story

Do I really want to write about this movie ‘Teri meri Love Story’?, maybe or maybe not, but why not?, every movie deserves an honest review and I am thinking on going ahead with one.

This movie ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ is the 03rd worst Pakistani movie that I have seen in recent times, honor of topping this list goes to ‘Halla Gulla’ closely followed by ‘Dekh Magar Piyar Say’, and this goes on, but back coming to ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ still can’t find something in this movie which can be praised. Looks like as too much inspiration has come from an Indian movie(s), which gives a feeling of watching a D-grade Indian movie.

Can’t see any new flavor as claimed by the director of the movie Jawwad Bashir, everything is very average and usual mediocre stuff all around, be it direction, acting, music, fights, dances etc and furthermore still can’t see how this movie can be a trend-setter on its pathetic actions sequences, not so funny humorous one-liners and a weak story line. They further said that they had used some new cameras for first time in Pakistan, almost every other director says this kind of stuff and for me there was nothing new about the cameras as some of the visions and images were blurred at times.

Another aspect that I have noticed recently is, pathetic movies like ‘Dekh Magar Piyar Say’ and “Teri Meri Love Story’ do succeed in roping-in good sponsors whereas some gem-type movies miss them out. I am pretty sure that if these types of movies keep-on rolling in, then we should forget about revival of Pakistani Cinema.



People responsible for sponsoring movies should be educated enough to at-least read the script or ask for some briefing / details before sponsoring these type of pathetic movies.



Director of the movie Jawwad Bashir should stick to his previous task of making commercials, music videos etc, movie making is simply not for you. Better stick to making smaller videos rather than going for bigger ones.



Writing skits + one-liners and writing a movie are two different subjects and both writers Jawwad Bashir and his co-writer Ahmed Abdul Rehman failed to do justice here, as neither one is good at writing a complete movie. A lot of content was heard before and had a copy paste effect to it.



Almost of all the actors failed to impress starting from the senior-lot Salman Shahid and Laila Zuberi and then moving on to male actors Mohib Mirza, Omer Shahzad, Mohsin Abbas, Ahmed Abdul Rehman and female actors Ushna Shah & Uzma Khan.


I was expecting a lot from Mohib Mirza as I had seen Bachana where his acting was the only positive point in the movie itself but here in ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ he failed to impress.


Mohsin Abbas did well at times but was mostly over the line


Omer Shahzad try to feel the difference between a ramp and a real ground, if you are done with modeling stuff then try being a bouncer at an event.


Both female leads were mediocre and forgettable.


Jawad Bashir failed to impress as an actor too and Faisal Qureshi and Ahsan Rahim made small cameo and forgettable performances.



First song was good to hear and had a good feel to it and Qatra Qatra was also good, rest of the music was like the movie itself.



Pappu Can’t Dance or Pakistani’s can’t dance. When I was kid, at school my Indian friends always taunted me that Pakistani’s are not good at dancing and I use to argue with them but now I won’t argue anyone with any Indian friend. I sure now that Pakistani’s can’t dance and will never be able dance as good as them.


Action sequences:

Should have hired a fight instructor or a fight choreographer for fighting scenes, Ushna Shah, Mohib Mirza and Omer Shahzad tried their best at actions scenes but lack of proper choreography ruined their efforts.


Worst and Best

Kidnapping scene was the worst scene of the movie (see it yourself) closely followed by the grand finale where Omer Shahzad (one man) get hold of four people (two males & two females) and rope them against the wall.


First song of the movie was best part of the movie for me.


Now anxiously waiting for some other movies to come this season like Actor-in-Law, Jannaan and Zidagi Kitni Haseen Hay.



Hijrat “Love at wrong place”

Its always nice to see new Pakistani movies and on top of it, its always nicer to see these new movies with new film makers, directors, and new faces on lead roles, but one aspect which has to be taken into consideration is “not everyone can do everything”, to be precise drama makers and directors should concentrate on making dramas and ramp models should concentrate more on their ramp rather then trying to venture elsewhere without much homework.

ACTING: All lead roles Rabia Butt, Asad Zaman, Rubab Ali failed to impress with their acting skills and whereas seniors actors like Nadeem Baig, Jamal Shah, Azra Aftab and Ayub Khouso acted well according to their roles and Ayub Khouso stood out among them.  Ayub Khouso always leaves a lasting impression where-ever we get to see him in acting.

MUSIC: Best part of this movie was it’s music, all songs were very nice to listen to and were shot well. Music was excellent and soothing and thoroughly loved the song “hai sun raha hay khuda” by Sara Raza Khan, Umer Nadeem, although it had an Indian feel to it, and talking about Indian feel, I think this whole movie has an Indian feel it. Songs by Rahat Fateh Ali, Ali Azmat, Sara Raza Khan, Umer Nadeem were all good need to be appreciated.

DIRECTION: Refugee camp is not a nice place to fit-in a love story, and idea of mixing tragic scenes with love scenes didn’t mix well in my mind in simpler words this movie lacked story and had too many loopholes and looked like an Indian movie with Pakistanis.

In any normal Indian movie you will get see flirting at almost any place, its more like seeing mini skirts in Saudi Arabia(which I hope to see soon in an Indian movie).

Common use of words like “I love you“, “mohabbat“, “payar “, mar-sakkta hoon” are not common in our part of divide and these type of words remind me of Indian movies.

In our part of divide you will never get to see a guy saying “love you” sort of stuff so casually and that so at a refugee camp, most of the refugee camps in Pakistan have pathans and afghans and we all know what their culture is.

Too much crying by the hero also didn’t go well with me and my friends and its seems that he never wanted to miss a chance to cry and it felt very pathetic.

SUPPORTING FACTORI love supporting new Pakistani movies but movies like Hijrat should be avoided, I wouldn’t want to be too harsh but drama makers they should concentrate on making good dramas, drama actors should focus on drama rather trying out news things not everyone can be Fawad Afzal or Mahira Khan.