Mahira Khan to represent Pakistan and L’Oréal at Cannes Film Festival.

L’Oréal Paris, the world leading beauty company, enters into 21st year as the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, which happens to be cinema’s grandest international film festival for over 71 years now and is set to take place this year at Cannes, France from 08th May till 19th May 2018. Cannes Film Festival brings together the most celebrated artists in films from all around the world and this year L’Oréal Paris Pakistan’s hair care spokesperson Mahira Khan is set to represent the brand at Cannes Film Festival on 15th May 2018.

At the official press conference, Mushraraf Hai, the Managing Director of L’Oréal Pakistan said; “The L’Oréal Group celebrates and welcomes diversity and empowerment with its 21 year of partnership with Cannes Film Festival. The year 2018 marks L’Oréal Pakistan’s first entry into Cannes Film Festival and future looks bright in terms of expanding our representation.  L’Oréal Paris pays homage to cinema and beauty by democratizing the festival expericene and Mahira Khan’s selection as our local spokeperson for the L’Oréal Paris Hair Care brand is a tesimoney to the values of meritocracy at L’Oréal.  Mahira Khan is a role model for young women in Pakistan and Mahira’a appearance at Cannes Film Festivavl is just the beginning of a superb opportunities for L’Oréal Pakistan to showcase Pakistani talent on the global stage. Cannes is an open opportunity and I am sure that Mahira Khan will handle it with brilliantly”. Musharaf further said; “Cannes is place where everyone is equal on red carpet and on red carpet it’s all about you, the way you carry yourself and the statements that you leave behind”.

Every year, L’Oréal Paris choses its spokeswomen from all over the world to attend the festival and this year, Mahira will join the leading ladies of L’Oréal Paris to grace the illustrious red carpet at the festival, which is a first for Pakistan and a moment of immense joy and price for L’Oréal Pakistan.

For the first time ever, L’Oréal Paris will broadcast seven shows live from the legendary Martinez Beach at Cannes, titled The “Worth it Show” and Mahira Khan is all set to feature in it alongside other global L’Oréal Paris spokeswomen. The “Worth it Show” marks a powerful moment during the festival to bring women’s voices to all and unveil the ordinary women behind the actors, with their stories, their triumph and the obstacles on the way to feeling worth it.

Mahira Khan will be attending the event for 3 days, during which she will also be meeting with L’Oréal Paris global makeup and hair Styling team of Stephane Lancien, besides her engagement with noteworthy fashion designers.

To officially announce this historic moment at the press conference, Mahira Khan said; “I am deeply humbled and full of gratitude towards L’Oréal Pakistan for this amazing opportunity to represent the brand and projecting Pakistan’s blossoming industry on such a privileged international platform”.

Replying to a question Mahira Khan said; “I feel very afraid and confused because of the big red carpet and I am still undecided about what to wear and whom to wear? For footwear I am thinking about wearing flats or khussa or maybe barefoot to leave a statement, but on the other side I am also very honoured to be the first to represent Pakistan at Cannes”.    

Mahira Khan is also hopeful of meeting her idol Hollywood actress Jane Fonda with whom she shares same birthday i.e. 21st December.


Trailer launch of ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ by Dawn Films & IMGC Global.

Dawn Films, in partnership with IMGC Global Entertainment (Pvt.) Limited and B4u proudly revealed the official trailer for Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar starrer romantic comedy movie ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ (7DMI) at a star studded affair in Nueplex Cinema, Karachi. ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ is written by Fasih Bari Khan and directed by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi.

This star studded affair of trailer launch of ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ was hosted by Wes Malik who was kind enough to inform us that this movie ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ will be first movie from Dawn Films and was hopeful that this is going to be a block buster.

On this occasion CEO of Dawn Films Mrs. Naz-Afreen Saigol Lakhani said; “Dawn Films was launched a year ago with an aim to give quality stuff to audiences”. Quality stuff is where Dawn Media Group sets the benchmark and with the passage of time only raises for others to follows.

Chairman of IMGC Global Sheikh Amjad Rashid also spoke on this occasion and informed that venture between Dawn Media Group and IMGC Global was initiated during an informal chat with Amber Saigol and he further said that till now IMGC Global has distributed 290 movies and will continue doing so in future also.

CEO of Dawn Media Group Hameed Haroon also thanked especially Sheharyar Munnawar and Mahira Khan for being a part of this venture and hoped that this partnership between Dawn Films and IMGC Global will prosper with the passage of item.

Parsad followed by a whirlwind ride of Tipu’s world played by the heart throb Sheheryar Munawar. Tipu is an introvert by nature, an inexperienced young man who is very hesitant when it comes to approaching women. He is always struggling to find love, but has big dreams of finding the one true love of his life and turning into the star he has always wanted to be. Hence begins his pursuit for love and his voyage in 7DMI complete with hilarious situations and lots of music and dance. Its seems as usual Mahira Khan who is ‘Neeli’ will be dominating the screen and her pretty face and acting will be the deciding factor for ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’.

After watching the trailer Farjad Nabi, Javed Sheikh, Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar, Amna Ilyas, Aamir Qureshi, Adnan Shah Tipu, Rimmel and Danish Maqsood shared their views about the challenges and exciting moments they had to face during the shooting phase of this movie ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’.

The trailer features the film’s mega star cast including Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar, Javed Sheikh, Amna Ilyas, Mira Sethi, Hina Dilpazeer, Adnan Shah Tipu, Aamir Qureshi, Rimmel and Danish Maqsood.

The trailer launch event for 7DMI was attended by the movie’s cast along with some of the leading names from the industry including Asim Raza, Sohail Javed, Urwa Hocane, Komal Rizvi, Yasir Nawaz, Ali Kazmi and comedian Faiza Samee amongst others. Directed by the acclaimed duo Meenu and Farjad, this genre-defying, heart-warming urban fairy tale will captivate audiences everywhere with its release on Eid Ul Fitr.


Third edition of Shaan-e-Pakistan launched with ‘ek shaam Pakistan ke naam’.

Huma Nassr along with her power packed team revealed the details of the upcoming production of Shaan-e-Pakistan, while addressing the media and guests on its opening night “ek shaam Pakistan ke naam” held on 2nd May in Karachi. With the success of its past editions in New Delhi and Lahore; this year Shaan-e-Pakistan is set to take place in Karachi and will conclude the campaign on 4th May Shaan-e-Pakistan SEPHUBxSOPRITTI.

Huma Nassr addressed the guest as the founder and creator of this prestigious platform alongside her was the renowned fashion influencer Huma Adnan who is making her association as the Mentor for the fashion side of this campaign/platform; Frieha Altaf; CEO of Catwalk is the event supporter and collaborator, Rimple & Harpreet Narula; the celebrity designers of Indian block buster movie Padmaavat fame this year from India  and Ahsan Bari as the music producer for ‘ek shaam Pakistan ke naam’ opened the night with his sufistic collaboration with electronica.

Irfan Pardesi leading entrepreneur and member of prominent business family who also is brother of Huma Nassr also spoke to audience present and said; “Shaan-e-Pakistan is not an event it’s not show, it’s a movement and movements take decades to gradually get the results, but Huma’s consistency and her determination is an inspiration within the family”.

Irfan Pardesi further said; “I stayed in South Africa for some while and during that period I was fortunate enough to stay next to legendary Nelson Mandela. He always use to say that “people have different beliefs, different opinions and there are always differences between them, we must learn to appreciate the differences between people and that’s what diversity is all about”.

In order to weave societies we have to look at common aspects, historically sports, arts and culture are few subject that unite us. Huma has been pushing for promoting arts and culture between our countries, she is doing fine till now and I wish her success in future also. I would also take this opportunity to welcome friends from India and I hope that you enjoy your trip. Irfan said.

Frieha Altaf was also present to support this movement and said; “these type of movements are showcasing Pakistan in positive light and I fully support the vision of Huma Nassar and gave her full support and assurance for the betterment of this campaign”.

Huma Nassr while speaking to press at the launch said; “with every season; we put new formats and associate with people to ensure quality and consistency of this campaign. This year with my association with Pritti Nanda; is to ensure we give a quality collaborative experience of fashion, art & music. This is also the first time Shaan-e-Pakistan will be going digital first and is being self-produced as content”.

Huma Nassr welcomed and announced the musicians performing on Day 1 and the Fashion Designers showcasing on Day 2; famous designers from India Rimple & Harpreet Narula will be showing casing their creations in their segment “The Padmavat Experience” and power-couple Huma Adnan and Amir Adnan “Yeh Hai Shaan-e-Pakistan” along with Komal Chawla who is an emerging designer debuting this year and Reema Ahsan from Lahore.

This will be the first time a collaborative experience of Fashion, Music and Art will be showcased with Ahsan Bari as the musician and he will be collaborating with the designers for their exclusive music and art which will be curated by Maryam and Safwan Sabzwari of Six Eyes Collective. The grand Fashion Soiree will be hosted by Hira Hussain.

On Day 3 there will be a full day exhibition of the participating fashion designers which is open to public in Pearl Continental Hotel, on 4th May. The Indian designers will also be taking orders as well as showcase a luxury collection of 150 Garments.

On the concluding note Huma Nassr said; “I am very thankful to all the guest, media and publications to support me in my movement and this campaign of collaboration and showcasing Pakistan in a positive manner. I am very thankful to all my partners like RoohAfza, Nueplex Cinemas,  Rose, Pith and all other association this year who ensured the campaign keep moving; with ARY as official media partner and City FM 89 as official radio partner”.

‘Zindabad’ by Call and Drummers of Pakistan.

CALL and the DRUMMERS OF PAKISTAN from all ages come together to chant the prayer “Pakistan Zindabad” and celebrate the freedom, hope and identity that binds us as one. Here they are presenting drum anthem ‘Zindabad’, an ode to our homeland and a symbol of our unity.


Song: Zindabad

By: Call & The Drummers of Pakistan

Vocals: Junaid Khan
Guitars: Xulfi & Sultan Raja
Bass: Farhan Ali
Lyrics: Xulfi & Sami Khan
Associate Music Producer: Sherry Khattak
Audio Tech On Set: Umer Lahooti
Music Produced by Xulfi

Mixed at Xth Harmonic
Mastered at Waltz mastering by Tom Waltz, Massachusetts (USA)

Directed by Murtaza Niaz
DOP: Aamir Mughal
2nd Unit Camera: Adnan Aslam, Zaid Safdar, Danyal Shafeeq
Assistant Director: Bilal Haider
Line Producer: Ahmed Waqas
Edit: Murtaza Niaz & Bilal Haider
Post: PMR Studio Works

Creative: Giraffe Pakistan
Project Head: Saad Mahboob (PMR Studio Works)
Production Manager: Faraz Hassan
Production Team: Sherry Shehbaz, Muhammad Naqi
A Giraffe & PMR Studios Works Production


‘Motorcycle Girl’ – feels like a breath of fresh air for Pakistani cinema

Finally got a chance to see the most anticipated movie of the year 2018 and by far ‘Motorcycle Girl’ is the best pakistani movie to come out in last many many years. After ‘Bol’ this movie ‘Motorcycle Girl’ has the power to impact lives as it’s based on real life story of young Pakistani girl named Zenith Irfan and this movie will inspire many girls to start commuting motorcycles rather than depending pathetic transport system that we have.

‘Motorcycle Girl’ which is written and directed by Adnan Sarwar is a movie that is inspired by a true event of young Pakistani girl named Zenith Irfan who loses her father at an early age. Zenith Irfan’s father had a dream of going till Khunjerab Pass on motorcycle and his dream was brought to life by his daughter. In June 2015, Zenith Irfan motor-cycled 3200 kilometres from Lahore, through northern Pakistan and up-to the Khunjerab Pass which borders China, this three week journey made her the first female Pakistani motorcyclist to ride through the northern terrains of Pakistan.

Almost every aspect of ‘Motorcycle Girl’ seemed spot on, even though Adan Sarwar had assistance of a very senior director Jami at his disposal but we can’t take much away from Adnan Sarwar. ‘Motorcycle Girl’ had very few technical issues which can be ignored when you witness first class direction, cinematography, acting, story, content and music.

Last month during PIFF Adnan Sarwar said; “it all comes down to how passionate you are about the story you telling and audience will forgive your technical mistakes if you tell a (good) story honestly”, and that’s exactly what I experienced while watching ‘Motorcycle Girl’. Before proceeding any further I would like appreciate for what Adnan Sarwar is doing to Pakistani film industry by creating a class of his own.

“I have always tried to make films that are relatable to the audiences and give a lesson at the end. ‘Motorcycle Girl’ is made to break the barriers prevailing in our society and to develop a norm that a girl can achieve whatever she wants on her own.” stated by Adnan Sarwar writer and director of the ‘Motorcycle Girl’.

Sohai Ali Abro literally carry’s the entire movie on her shoulders with her beautiful innocent face, excellent acting skills, dialogue delivery, facial expressions and body language. all throughout the movie it was impossible to find a flaw in Sohai Ali Abro’s performance which I would rate as 10/10.

Apart from Ali Kazmi who looked very ordinary with his acting skills, all other actors did well according to their roles. Adnan Sarwar (as Father) was brilliant, Samina Peerzada (as mother) acted to perfection, Hadi Arshad (as brother) was brilliant, Sarmad Khoosat (as boss) could have done better, Shahmim Hilali (as grandmother) was good, Mandana Zaidi (as aunty) seemed decent enough, Daniyal Raheel (as male colleague) has potential to be a future hero, Hani Taha (as a teacher) fared well enough and Meher Bano (as female colleague).

Music by Xulfi is also suits the mood of the movie well, both songs ‘pahiya’ sung by Faiza Mujahid and ‘urr challay’ by Ali Noor are melodious, mesmerizing, soul touching.

Story seems good throughout and content selection is also good, but during a certain period when our Motorcycle Girl is journeying through Northern mountainous areas of Pakistan, one specific community which has a strong presence in Gilgit-Baltistan area is highlighted much more than that is needed, giving the impression that that community is doing much for women empowerment and others aren’t doing much in that area. Even the name of this community’s spiritual leader is highlighted number of times.

Bottom line for ‘Motorcycle Girl’ is that is has excellent direction, awesome cinematography, brilliant acting, nice story which is weaved excellently, content is good and cherry on the cake is its soothing music.  It also has sentimental/emotional values to it and focuses on women empowerment and independent women for Pakistan. ‘Motorcycle Girl’ will be an important milestone for Pakistani cinema but I am not very hopeful for its commercial success.  I would highly recommend this movie.



‘pahiya chala’ from MotorCycle Girl

“pahiya chala’ another awesome song from Adnan Sarwar’s upcoming movie ‘Motorcycle Girl’ starring Sohai Ali Abro is also released now. Video of the song has excellent acting by very pretty looking Sohai Ali Abro, breath taking cinematography and equally awesome music. Fazia Mujahid’s crispy vocals fit well the mood of the theme.  


Song: ‘pahiya chala’

Movie: Motorcycle Girl

Song Credits

Written by Adnan Sarwar

Composed by Adnan Sarwar

Produced by Sherry Khattak @ Xth Harmonic

Lyrics: Adnan Sarwar & Mubashar Hassan

Vocals: Faiza Mujahid

Guitars: Sherry Khattak

Bass: Omair Farooq

Drums: Bilawal Lahooti

Mixed by Xulfi

Mastered by Tom Waltz @Waltz Mastering

Special Thanks: Farhan Albert

Paramount Fine Foods launches its third restaurant in Karachi at Sindhi Muslim Society.

In a ribbon cutting ceremony held Friday, 13 April, 2018, the Paramount Fine Foods team celebrated the grand opening of their new restaurant at Sindhi Muslim Society with the children from Dar-ul-Sukun and Karachi Down Syndrome Program.

Paramount Fine Foods which originates from Canada is the fastest growing authentic Middle Eastern cuisine franchise that has restaurants around the globe including Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, USA and Lebanon. It will also be opening its doors in UK soon.

Being the pioneers in introducing fresh and healthy flavours of the Middle Eastern cuisine in Pakistan, Paramount Fine Foods opened its doors in November 2016 with its first restaurant on Khayaban-e-Shamsheer. After seeing great success it expanded its Middle Eastern flavours to LuckyOne Mall in 2017 which has now been followed by the opening of its doors on the busy food street in Sindhi Muslim Society.

The expansion of the brand is part of the overall franchise development plan for the food chain with a goal of opening 30 restaurants across Pakistan in the coming years. This will create multiple job opportunities in various disciplines and will have an impact on the local economy. Paramount Fine Foods has so far created 100+ direct job opportunities and aims to further generate more job opportunities in the industry, indirectly.

ASA Corporation the Master Franchisee of Paramount Fine Foods in Pakistan also announced a sub-franchising opportunity at the event. Speaking regarding this at the opening, Saad Saleem CEO ASA Corporations, Master Franchisee of Paramount Fine Foods said; “Paramount Fine Foods has been a success and we would like to share its success with food enthusiasts and welcome investors to be a part of this journey. Pakistan has a dearth of good Middle Eastern restaurants and Paramount Fine Foods is filling the gap.”

Along with expanding their locations, Paramount Fine Foods, has also ventured into providing additional services such as catering, lunch deals and delivery services to bring fresh and quality food to their customers.

Saad Saleem further added; “I want to thank Dar-ul-Sukun and the Karachi Down Syndrome Program for coming out and being a part of the inauguration of our new branch. The opening of this branch marks another benchmark for our team. We look forward to continuing to bring authentic and quality Middle Eastern cuisine to customers across Pakistan. Our support to Dar-ul-Sukun and Karachi Down Syndrome Program will continue.”

Paramount Fine Foods brings with it authentic flavours and recipes, which have been passed down for generations and include sweet and savory treats such as Kebabs, Shawarma, Falafel, Manakeesh to Baklawa and Kinafe.


After immediately being seated we were served with best tasting ‘Hummus’ with mouth-watering ‘Moutabbal’ and very fresh looking and fresh tasting salad known as ‘Fattoush Salad’. This was the first round consisting of appetizers after which came the main courses which started off with ‘Butter Chicken Pizza’ and was followed by ‘Chicken Shawarma Pizza’ of which we were told is a unique creation by Paramount’s executive chef. Then came ‘Basmati Rice’, which were cooked to perfection and were served with french fries. Basmati Rice reminded of famous Irani cuisine ‘Chullu’.

After deliciously tasting Basmati Rice, were served with the most iconic serving on offer from Paramount Fine Food which is their ‘Mixed Combo Platter’, which consists of Fattoush, Chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Kafta skewers, Shish Tawouk skewers, BBQ Beef skewers, Falafel and Tahini sauce.

For dessert “Baklawa’, which was the only item of the day with pretty ordinary taste and needs improvement.

“urr chalay” title song of upcoming movie ‘MotorCycle Girl’.

“urr chalay” title song from Adnan Sarwar’s upcoming movie ‘Motorcycle Girl’ starring Sohai Ali Abro is released now. Video of the song has excellent acting by very pretty looking Sohai Ali Abro, breath taking cinematography and equally awesome music. After listening to this song and watching the video number of time, can’t really wait to see this movie.


Song: ‘urr chalay’

Movie: Motorcycle Girl

Starring Sohai Ali Abro
Based on: Zenith Irfan
Song credits:
Produced by: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka (Xulfi)
Composition: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka (Xulfi) and Sherry Khattak

Arrangement: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka (Xulfi) and Sherry Khattak
Written by: Sami Khan and Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka (Xulfi)

Lead Vocals: Ali Noor

Backing Vocals: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka (Xulfi) and Sherry Khattak

Guitars: Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka (Xulfi) and Sherry Khattak

Keys: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka (Xulfi) and Sherry Khattak
Bass: Farhan Ali


Motorcycle Girl will be released on 20th April 2018.


Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer ’18 Day Two showcases best of the season

After an extravagantly elaborate display by designers on day one, the glitz and glam continued on the second and final day of Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2018 where the remaining seven of 15 designers put forward their most thought provoking collections. The two day event concluded on Wednesday, April 11th at the grandly appointed Pearl Continental in Karachi. The collection showcase for this season ended on a high note leaving fashion enthusiasts wanting more of the season’s best trends and most aspirational designs.

Deepak Perwani commenced day two of Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2018 with an eye-catching collection followed by festive ensembles by Saira Shakira, Rozina Munib, Boheme by Kanwal, Nauman Arfeen, Natasha Kamal and last but certainly not the least, Ayesha Farook Hashwani. Needless to say, each designer crafted their best creations with great precision and detail. A–list models from the industry presented designer outfits down the ramp.

Prior to the show, leading celebrities and designers were seen mingling at the gorgeously designed all white Physiogel booth where Nadia Hussain, actress and model, engaged the A-lister audience in conversation revolving around fashion, their personal style, beautiful skin, and the who’s who of fashion. Physiogel’s range of Daily Defence, Calming Relief and Moisture Therapy were on display so attendees could experience first-hand the soft-smooth skin effect. Many also experienced the innovative bio-mimic technology that targets skin issues according to each skin type, ultimately walking away with picture perfect moments and Physiogel giveaways.

“Those working behind the scenes know the tireless efforts that go into making the event appear as seamless as it ends up being. There’s much to expect from this year’s Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2018 as it’s even grander than previous years. We have a line-up of many known and upcoming designers from across Pakistan showcasing their creativity in breath-taking ensembles while setting the perfect trends for the festive season,” said Deepak Perwani, Chairperson of Fashion Pakistan Council and himself a prominent Fashion Designer.

About the designers and their collections:

Show Opener: Deepak Perwani – Black is the new WhiteHis collection was inspired by the oriental rose and diaphanous airy silhouettes. The men’s wear consisted of primarily black and white outfits with gold embellishments while womenswear had a variety of ensembles in cool breezy summer/spring colors with gold cutwork perfect to be worn during the festive season. From smart sherwanis, black kotis to regal flowy and airy long shirts with feathers and furs paired with boot leg pants, his collection was like a breath of fresh air. Most of his dresses were a fusion of western and eastern dresses. The very gorgeous Sarwat Gilani was the stopper for his collection.

Saira Shakira – Winds of Summer‘Winds of summer’ explored the opulence of summer couture with elaborate embroideries, lavishly sequined motifs, bedecked with stones, pearls, dori work and 3D embellishments. The pieces were flowy and gown-like that were traditional yet trendy with modern cuts and their signature designs, beautifully blended with fresh contemporary patterns and silhouettes. The color pallet used was a mix of pastels with rich jewels and printed florals that gave a fresh and new look. Most of the pieces had a dexterous use of metallic tassels and colored thread work with intricate mosaic borders on them.


Rozina Munib – Glamorama‘Glamorama’ depicted the handicraft of decorating fabric and other materials with needle and thread or yarn. The embroidery used in this collection incorporated materials such as 3D flowers, metal strips, glass beads, crystals, Swarovski’s, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. Interesting forms of ruffles, the embroideries used in her pieces perfectly embodied the essential elements of the modern glamourous women of today; sensuality, glamour and femininity. Her pieces were a mix of nets, jerseys, chiffons, charmeuse, lace fabric, georgettes, rich tactile fabrics and vibrant colors. From modern glamorous dresses to elegant cuts along with modern embroideries and color palette infused with hues of nudes to peaches, black, shades of navy, and tones of purples, her outfits ranged from resort wear to glamorous evening wears. The collection also consisted of high waisted skirts, capes, kimono tops and jackets, gowns, jumpsuits, pants and a lot of different and modern cuts. Neelam Munir was the showstopper for her collection.


Boheme by Kanwal – Kathputli TamashaHer collection was inspired by the puppet shows she frequented as a child. Models walked down the ramp in pieces that were exquisite, colorful, creative, well thought of and had carefully knit puppet displays in detailed hand embroidery. Every piece was made so intricately that one couldn’t help but be in awe. The use of colorful threadwork paired with mirrorwork made her ensembles stand out and her collection beautifully reflected cheerful memories, love, laughter and everything else that adds color in her life. Dresses had a very cheerful touch to them more of modern eastern wear and had something for everyone Saris, long shirts, short shirts, jackets, kurti pajamas etc. Zoe Viccaji, as the showstopper donned an exquisitely gorgeous gown that looked like something out of a fairy-tale.

Nauman Arfeen – LinesIn this world of delusions and fantasies, confusions and misconceptions, twists and turns, right and wrong, Nauman Arfeen brought lines glamorously onto the fashion runway. Monochromes with a tinge of patriotic green, blended suiting material and variety of styles in lines on cotton fabric. The crowning glory of his compilation had hand embroidered logo jackets in different colored stripes, custom designed bags and vivid shoes. Through his vision, Nauman put forward a message, an insight that said let’s all behold and read between the lines. In one of the most powerful statements witnessed on the ramp, he highlighted the unsung heroes of Pakistan, the medalists from the Special Olympics.

Natasha Kamal – EbruThe ‘Ebru’ collection drew inspiration from the textures and vibrancy of Marbling. It showcased a playful take on linear patterns, worked with their infinite versatility through a series of different fabrications and techniques. Drawing reference from its asymmetrical imagery and effortless structure, the relaxed silhouettes embodied the fluidity of marbling itself. Paired with assertively modern styling, the collection was unmistakably infused with a youthful spirit, which could be found in the sweeping lines, stylized imagery and elegant proportions, which made for a contemporary appeal. With great design at its heart, the collection married rich colors and intricate patterns with tailored silhouettes and edgy detailing; the result was a bold collection, which was very wearable and much appreciated by all. Saris are becoming more of extinct these days, and Sari’s by Natasha Kamal felt like a breath of fresh air.

AFH by Ayesha Farook – Ayesha’s collection was a perfect representation of femininity, elegance and understatement. In a variety of flowing silks, satins, chiffons, voiles and charmeuse and just like Eastern couturiers of old, her pieces were created from luxurious fabrics. Each outfit had a story of its own with intricate and detailed embroidery where the craftsmanship complemented the fluid cuts and drapes she’s known for. Models walked down the ramp wearing gorgeously exquisite numbers with an interesting match of funky jewellery, stones, embroidery mixed with gold and silver embellishments. Her signature look was evident in her collection as many outfits had a hint of sensuality in the opulence of a brooch, a flash of skin, a trail of fabric teasing the air a second after the model moved on. Colours were inspired by international trends, culture and season appear and disappear, with black, whites and beige as constants.


Amongst the tastefully lit lighting and décor were famous faces with the likes of Zhalay Suhardi, Zoe Viccaji, Neelam Munir, Sarwat Gilani, Hira Hussain, Hira Tareen, Nadia Hussain, Sharmila Farooqi and many more. The show was an exceptional preview of what’s in store for Pakistan’s fashion-lovers this Spring/Summer season.

All the partners involved in putting together the fabulous event included: Fashion Pakistan as the show producer, Nubain Ali as the show director, N-Pro and N-Gents as official stylists, TV-One as the official media partner and Radio FM91 as the radio partner. Apart from these, renowned skincare brand, Physiogel was the official red carpet sponsor, Aquafina was the beverage and backstage partner, Peak Freans Butter Puff was the snack partner, The Deli was the official food partner, Shaheen Airline was the official airline partner and TDAP was the hospitality partner. Digital media and show communications by Talking Point.

Fashion Pakistan Week’s Spring/Summer’18 – Day one kicks off.

The pioneering Fashion Pakistan Council kicked off Fashion Pakistan Week’s Spring/Summer 2018, paving the way for revolutionary designers whilst marking the trends of the season. The first day of the two-day event was held on the 10th of April at the Pearl Continental Marquee in Karachi.

Continuing the tradition, this season’s fashion take was glamorously glitzy with a line-up of 15 designers, eight of whom showcased their collection on the first day. The show was opened by Maheen Khan displaying the latest trends from her brand Gulabo followed by Huma Adnan for FnKAsia, Cheena Chhapra, Hasan Riaz, Yasmeen Jiwa, The Pink Tree Company, Amir Adnan and Farah Talib Aziz.

Prior to the show, leading celebrities and designers were seen mingling at the gorgeously designed purple and white Physiogel booth where Nadia Hussain, actress and model engaged the audience in conversations revolving around fashion, their personal style, beautiful skin and talked about the who’s who of fashion. Physiogel’s range of Daily Defence, Calming Relief and Moisture Therapy were on display so attendees could experience first-hand the soft-smooth skin effect. Many also experienced the innovative bio-mimic technology that targets skin issues according to each skin type; ultimately walking away with picture perfect moments and Physiogel giveaways.

“We are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to engage our Key Opinion Leaders and our Consumers and we are truly delighted to launch a symbiotic relationship between Physiogel and Fashion Pakistan Week,” said Ayeza Sumsam Mohiuddin, Senior Brand Manager for Skin Health Category at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

The event kicked off with some of the best fashion trends being showcased as fresh new faces alongside our favourite ramp-beauties were sent down the runway in exquisite and spring/summer pieces. However, what made an impact was when hearing impaired models made their runway debut for Amir Adnan, who had trained them all personally. Making it a first for any fashion show in the history of Pakistan to take this bold step of having impaired models walk the ramp. The star-studded evening had a perfect mix of style and inclusion as apparent through these words, “Each year, Fashion Pakistan Week stuns the audience and that’s because we have great designers, sponsors and partners on board with us that help make it a great success,” said Feri Rawanian, CEO of Fashion Pakistan Council. “We have also tied up with the Noor-e-Elahi trust to support the impaired, having hearing impaired models walk the ramp for Amir Adnan. Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer ’18 is all about being inclusive and providing equal opportunity to the impaired. We hope to get as great a response on Day Two as well.”

About the designers and their collections:

Show Opener: Gulabo by Maheen KhanHer collection titled ‘Liberation’ meaning a change in the air was a true depiction of breathing comfort, living in style and leaving footprints on the earth in a positive manner. The pieces were like a breath of fresh air, comfy, soft to the eyes yet stylish in a very chic way. From striking statements about environment such as ‘no water no life’ displayed fashionably on the runway to the closing of her show with the Lux Style Awards ‘Mein Bhi’ song playing in the background, her collection was appreciated by all and left quite an impact. Ayesha Toor and Zhalay Sarhadi were the showstoppers for her collection.

Huma Adnan for FNKASIA – PegahHuma’s brand aligns itself with social justice and therefore she dedicated this collection, Pegah, meaning ‘early light of day’ in Persian, to helping refugees seeking asylum in Pakistan. Joining hands with UNHCR, Huma brought jewellery and crafts to the collection that were made by refugee women, in order to promote women empowerment in the work force. The collection was inspired by the airy, and light pastel shades of summer 2018. With features of recurring nature motifs in the form of embroideries and prints that, coupled with the soft palette, portrayed a glowing image of peace. The elements that were used had a meaning of their own for example jagged hemlines and bold jewellery symbolized subtle turmoil, in pieces that would otherwise be considered uncontroversial and predictable. Along with this, free form drapes and the unstructured appeal of the garments made the aesthetic of the collection peaceful and calm. Bell sleeves, bell bottoms, flappers, breezy cool blues, brown belts were all on display as models strutted down the ramp. The showstoppers for FNKASIA were Noor Khan and the very lively and individualistic Zara Asad Siddiqi who sashayed down the ramp to spontaneous applause.

Cheena Chhapra – Buxomcreated especially for the real women and plus size women Cheena Chhapra the queen of style brought on to the ramp fresh and subtle hued pieces worn beautifully by real women in their late 60s, including, in a strong display of support to womanhood, a pregnant lady. it was nothing short of a treat to watch. Living up to her fashion philosophy, that fashion has become more like a battlefield than lifestyle and that every woman has a desire to look pretty and desirable, her collection consisted of ensembles that women aspire to drape over. Block prints, phulkari, gara, kaanta made fashion statements and revived the dying art. Cheena’s exquisite chaddars and outfits were her way of telling women that size is irrelevant as long as the cut and fits are proper and garment is affordable. With stylish fabrics, colors, cuts that were unique and timeless, the outfits painted a picture of pure elegance and a welcome infusion of confidence. Her collection showcase resulted in a resounding cheer throughout the packed hall. Cheena Chhapra created a very lively and homely atmosphere and for her some very near and dear friends and clients walked the ramp.


Gogi by Hasan Riaz – Paradise MirageHasan’s Paradise Mirage was a visual tale of an ornate soul. The vibrant and audacious collection had a very strong message of child abuse and child labor, which is a sad reality in our society and where the young ones are given no more value than deceased bones. The bold, effervescent collection depicted a cheerful spirit of the child and the playful life through elevating silhouettes created from organza, silk and leather trims and flamboyant embellishments that provoked color combinations. Frills, lots of bling, feathers, tassels, straight boot pants, all made fashion statements. The showstopper for his show was the gorgeous Nimra Khan.

Yasmeen Jiwa – Qous-e-QazahThe art of “weightless glamor” was quietly and beautifully displayed in Yasmeen’s collection. Having previously showcase at Paris Fashion Week, Qous-e-Qazah played homage to the forces, power, beauty, and chaos responsible for the actual creation of this place. The palette featured chilling shades of silver grays, windy blue and silver mist with pops of citrus and rich reds. The embroideries utilized in this collection were a stunning amalgamation of mirror, thread, sequence, and crochet lace. One couldn’t help but lose themselves in the mystical world that was created on the runway by Yasmeen Jiwa.

The Pink Tree Company – Chaand RaatRemaining true to its ideology, Pink Tree Company, presented a collection reflecting similar anticipation, and happiness of the coming festive season beginning with Ramzan and Eid continuing until post Bari Eid and monsoon weddings. The stunning pieces evoked memories of bygone eras when elegance ruled, sophistication thrived and life was simpler. Feminine in essence, the pieces highlighted fine, crisp, cool cottons with a dash of sheer organza, which spelled a lifestyle of luxury and ornateness when adorned with traditional embellishments such as zardozi, block print and gota. The collection brought with it, the romanticism of the glorious era with a twist of the contemporary chic.


Amir Adnan – Beast Amir Adnan made history by having hearing impaired models walk the ramp in bespoke, environmentally conscious collection, called ‘Beast’. It featured one-of-a-kind pieces made from upcycled vintage sherwanis and the beauty of using existing materials to create something different and beautiful was a treat to watch. The collection name was inspired by the 1991 classic Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast and a similar ambiance was created. Male models carried themselves so well, that the regal grandeur and timelessness of the garment before, with the charismatic, headstrong personality of an alpha now. Azfar Rehman opened the show for Amir Adnan, Aly Khan also made a swashbuckling appearance and Zhalay closed the show for him.


Farah Talib Aziz – Mirabelle – Farah Talib Aziz is a debutant for Fashion Pakistan Week and her collection had the perfect mix of prints, textures, embellishments that all reflected the excitement of a promising summer. She experimented with free flowing silhouettes, varying hems and intricate fabric manipulation. Hats, jute baskets, flowers, a lot of pearl-work, Swarovski embellished pieces had an effortless glamour feel to it. The collection overall had a very breezy, fun and a very wearable line up of clothing that was feminine, confident and had laid back luxe with signature Farah Talib Aziz ease. Eye-catching garden-scapes and exquisite flora and fern which were rendered into artisanal works of magnificence. The goddess-like collection comprised of modern cuts and flowy designs had a perfect mix of golds and whites. Syra Sharoz closed the show for Farah Talib Aziz and what caught everyone’s attention was when she walked down the ramp in a mint pastel flowy ensemble with her mother in law Safina Behroze by her side. Must have been a very proud moment for Shehroz Sabzwari to see his mother and wife as show stoppers for Farah Aziz Talib.

PartnersAll the partners involved in putting together the fabulous event included; Fashion Pakistan as the show producer, Nubain Ali as show director, N-Pro and N-Gents as official stylists, TV-One as the official media partner and Radio FM91 as the radio partner. Renowned skincare brand, Physiogel was the official red carpet sponsor, Aquafina, the beverage and backstage partner, Peak Freans Butter Puff the snack partner, The Deli, as the official food partner, Shaheen Airline as the official airline partner and TDAP as the hospitality partner. Media management and post publicity by Talking Point.