“Yeh Pyara Parcham” by Muhammad Zeeshan

“Yeh Pyara Parcham”, a solo exhibition of works by Muhammad Zeeshan opened at Sanat Gallery on Saturday 31st March 2018.

About this exhibition – “Yeh Pyara Parcham”: Politics continue to influence artists working across all genres, remaining a major concern for many artists in Pakistan. “Yeh Pyara Parcham” deals with conflicts, potential and ensuing, that have gripped the region and much of the globe.

“Yeh Pyara Parcham” translated as ‘this beloved flag’; what we see is how the artist deftly revisions national emblems in light of current political turmoil and socio-economics of the country, while retaining elements that make each beloved banner so recognizable. 29597307_1687487321316423_3688180449043695876_n

“Yeh Pyara Parcham” was originally intended to be shown at Art Dubai 2018, however, due to circumstances beyond control, Muhammad Zeeshan’s solo presentation at Art Dubai 2018 had to be changed at the last moment and “Yeh Pyara Parcham” is now being exhibited in Karachi.

Yeh Pyara Parcham is one tough body of work! – Very charged, very powerful, and energetic. It is a comment on the socio-political scenario of today’s global diplomatic interaction.

About the artist – “Muhammad Zeeshan”: Muhammad Zeeshan did his bachelors of Fine Arts in Miniature Painting (BFA Miniature Painting) from National College of Arts Lahore during 2003, He is a critically acclaimed visual artist who is currently an adjunct faculty of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan.29594692_1687487651316390_812769112249854426_n

Zeeshan has several gallery, art fair, museum and institutional exhibitions to his credit including exhibitions at Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, Herbert F. Johnson Museum at Cornell University, Abbot Hall Art Gallery at Kendal, Pacific Asia Art Museum at Pasadena, Art Gallery of Mississauga, British Museum, Gemak/Gemeente Museum, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and Metropolitan Museum at Tokyo. He has been represented at the Dubai Art Fair, India Art Fair, Contemporary Istanbul, Hong Kong Art Basel and Pulse Art Fair.

Muhammad Zeeshan’s works are also a part of the permanent collection of British Museum, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Pacific Asia Art Museum Pasadena and The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. Muhammad Zeeshan lives and works in Karachi.

Personal Views: Muhammad Zeeshan’s art work titled ‘Promised’ and ‘Promised land’ are my favourite and these three words describe a lot. A picture worth a thousand words seems too true.Israel, promised landPlastine, promised


ON MY WAY TO WONDERLAND by Obaid ur Rahman

Sanat Initiative Art gallery brought something very unique and new for art fraternity by exhibiting 3d street-art with chalk at their gallery with exhibits from Obaid-ur-Rahman.


Speaking to our correspondent 3D artist Obaid-ur-Rahman informed that this is his first solo exhibition and it’s also first time when 3D street-art with chalk in being exhibited/displayed at any art gallery for which thanked Mr. Amin Merchant from Sanat Initiative Art gallery for appreciating his art-work and giving him an opportunity to exhibit his art here at Sanat.


Obaid-ur-Rahman started painting three years ago on paper, initially all paintings were on paper then he proceeded to paint on hard-boards and then on-wards to walls. After some time all walls were utilized from there on he moved out where the world was waiting for him.


Without any proper training nor degree from any art school meant that he was on his own and with any backing of art school it was very difficult for Obaid-ur-Rahman to get recognized but social media helped. He searched all over internet for 3D Chalk Art and found many artist of his type. One of them was Tracey Leestum from America who became an inspiration for him. Tracey Leestum was amazed with his art-work which was without any proper training, she not only praised his art-work but also encouraged him to move out of box.


Participating in an exhibition in Germany was an amazing experience for him where participation with legends meant a lot, future plans are to participate in exhibitions in USA,  again in Germany and more solo shows here in Karachi.